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a quota was used, immigrants wishing to come to America would simply fill out an application for acceptance and be placed on a waiting list; each year, a certain number of immigrants would be allowed to settle in the United States while the rest would wait till the following year. An additional factor to be considered would be the problem surrounding the testing of mentally disadvantaged immigrants. It would be unfair to make an exception for such immigrants, yet it would be impossible to test them. Clearly, a quota would be the most orderly method of immigration regulation. Lastly, the quota system should be the utilized due to the blatant ineffectiveness of the literacy test. First, the literacy test would do nothing to encourage actual literacy; being able to speak very

limited English would not be of any benefit to the American society. In addition, such limited use of English would not realistically promote the assimilation of American values. Most importantly, however, is that the literacy test could not definitely regulate in the long term; if the immigrants learned that proficiency in the English language would guarantee them a place in America, they would no doubt rush to become literate. Thus, America would still be faced with the problem of excessive immigration. Ultimately, the immigrant quota is the only effective way of limiting the New Immigration, and should be the immigration policy used by the United States government. By allowing a certain number of immigrants into America annually, the United States could prevent the domination

of a region by one group and thus promoting the diversity of its population. As a result, the American workers would not feel threatened by the inundation of cheap labor. Even more importantly, Americans would not be so unwilling to coexist with cultures other than their own. 35a