America A Nation Of Illogical Politics Essay

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America A Nation Of Illogical Politics Essay, Research Paper America a Nation of Illogical Politics The political intentions of our country have become increasingly more ludicrous and illogical as conservatism sets in. Many politicians have ideas about how to change and improve our country, but they are so out of touch with the general population, that they don t understand how these ideas, if implemented, would harm, rather than help our country. For example, if abortions were banned, welfare done away with, and contraception not covered by insurance, there would be heaps of unwanted and unloved children. If medicinal marijuana is not legalized, people with diseases that necessitate that drug would have to go to greater lengths and suffer serious legal repercussions just to

be able to live comfortably. Gun control is also something our country cannot bear to lose. Allowing anybody to obtain machines made for killing is asking for incidents such as that at Columbine High School to reoccur. Forcing mothers to have children they do not have the means to take care of is absurd. And yet, this is what many conservative politicians are trying to do by banning abortions, removing welfare and not allowing insurance companies to cover contraceptives. If any of these measures are taken, America will have a future of unwanted children on its hands. These children are statistically more likely to commit crimes, abuse drugs and, in turn, have accidental pregnancies. Besides the future of America at stake, taking away the option of abortion is against the freedom

guaranteed by our constitution. For many people with painful diseases, medicinal marijuana is the only way they can lead a comfortable, semi normal life. The way things are now, these individuals have to take great risks and spend large amounts of money to obtain marijuana for medicinal uses. It is unsafe to buy from people off the street- one never knows what the drug is laced with or if it is a harmful strain. If marijuana was legalized for medicinal purposes, co-operations such as the Green Cross would be able to grow and provide the drug to doctor prescribed patients at a low cost. Not allowing this to happen, the Green Cross operates covertly, with their members growing plants illegally in their homes, and running a great risk of being found out. It does not make sense why

marijuana is not legalized for medical consumption; the legalization will make no difference on the amount of people who use the drug recreationally. It is important that we keep gun control in our country. If this system were abolished, there would be no way of controlling who bought what kinds of weapons, their background, or their age. Our country was founded on people having the right to protect themselves, but the times have drastically changed since then. . Guns are not usually necessary for protection, and semi-automatics are not required even for hunting. People that want to do away with gun control are overlooking all the misfiring by children that have killed other children, and they are overlooking the disasters such as Columbine where guns have found the wrong hands.

It is imperative that we keep gun control laws in our country, if not for the safety of ourselves, then for the safety of our children. The more conservative politics get in our country, the less rights and safety we have. Women must be allowed to choose what they do with a child in their womb, but they also must have the means to support it, and the means to control any future conception. Any person that is ill should, if their doctor prescribes it, be able to receive medicinal marijuana. By legalizing this, we are giving people a higher quality of life, something guaranteed by our constitution. It is illogical that we cannot do this. For the safety of our country, the gun control laws we have must stay intact. Guns should never find their way into the hands of minors or people