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world flight. This flight would be two major firsts. She would be the first woman to fly around the world and she would travel the longest possible distance, 29,000 miles, following a route around the equator. Frederick Noonan, a former Pan Am Airlines navigator was chosen as the flight’s navigator because he was familiar with the Pacific area. The plane chosen for the flight was the Lockheed Electra 10E. The first leg of their journey would be from Oakland, California to Hawaii on March 17, 1935. In Hawaii, Amelia had an accident during take-off from Luke Field near Pearl Harbor. A great deal of damage was done to the plane. On June 1, 1937, Amelia and Frederick Noonan left Miami, Florida to once again begin their around the world flight. After many stops in South America,

Africa, the India, and Southeast Asia, they arrived at Lae, New Guinea on June 29. About 22,000 miles of the journey had been completed and there were 7,000 miles more to go, all of them over the Pacific Ocean. Photos taken at Lae show Amelia looking very tired and ill. On July 2, 1937 at 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Amelia and Frederick took off from Lae with 1,000 gallons of fuel, allowing for 20-21 hours of flying time. Their intended destination was Howland Island, a tiny piece of land a few miles long, twenty feet high, and 2,556 miles away. The Coast Guard cutter Itasca was stationed near Howland Island and was assigned to communicate with Amelia’s plane and guide her to the island. Several short radio transmissions were received by the Itasca, but they were unable to

get a fix on her location because the radio contact had been too brief. At 19:30 GMT, almost twenty hours into the flight, the following transmission was received from the Electra; “KHAQQ calling Itasca. We must be on you, but cannot see you…gas running low…” . After six hours of trying to communicate with the Electra, all contact was lost. A search by the Navy and Coast Guard was organized and no physical evidence of the Electra or of Amelia Earhart or Frederick Noonan was ever found. Over the years, many unconfirmed sightings have been reported and there are many theories of their fate. Some of those theories are that Amelia was a on a spy mission authorized by President Roosevelt and was captured; that she purposely dove her aircraft into the Pacific; they were

captured by the Japanese, Noonan was executed and Earhart was forced to broadcast to the American GI’s as “Tokyo Rose” during World War II; and another theory is that Amelia lived for years on an island in the South Pacific with a native fisherman. In 1961 it was thought that the bones of Earhart and Noonan had been found on the island of Saipan, but they turned out to be those of Saipan natives. In 1992, a search party reported finding remnants of the Electra at Nikumaroro, Kiribati, but those claims were disputed by people who worked on Earhart’s plane. Researches believe that the plane ran out of fuel and that Earhart and Noonan died at sea. Amelia Earhart spent most of her lifetime establishing the permanent role of women in aviation. She became an international

heroine overnight as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia’s disappearance is still a mystery, but her enduring legacy remains.