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flight. I believe that Amelia Earhart made a substantial impact on the Sally Ride’s life. Earhart went against what people expected of women during the 1920’s and 1930’s She broke major records in aviation for women even though it hadn’t been done before. When Sally Ride was growing up there hadn’t been any women in space. Like Amelia Earhart, Ride went against what had been accepted by society and became the first woman in space. Amelia Earhart and Sally Ride were two women who went against what society expected of them and achieved major goals in fields that had been reserved for men. They each influenced many women to become professionals, using the slogan ‘If I did it, you can too’. In Earhart’s time there were few, if any, women in the workplace. She showed

women that they could accomplish as many goals as men. Before Sally Ride, there had been no women in space. She showed people that women are as intelligent as men and can also be important to their country.