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December 1999 16. Product of the Year, PC World (Norway), December 1999 17. Best CPU for Desktops, PC World Komputer (Poland), December 1999 18. Technology Product of the Year, PC Kurier (Poland), January 2000 19. Millennium Award, Personal Computer Magazine (The Netherlands), January 2000 20. Golden Knight Award Best Processor of the Year, Home Computer (Russia), December 1999 21. Best of Comdex (Israel), December 1999 22. Best of World PC Expo 99, Nikkei BYTE/Nikkei WinPC Magazine (Japan), September 1999 23. Hardware of the Year Award Processors, PC Joker Magazine (Germany) 24. Readers Choice Award, CHIP Magazine, (Poland) 25. Product of the Year Award, MikroPC (Finland), December 1999 26. Product of the Year Award Processors, Tietokone (Finland), December 1999 27. Best Product

of 1999, China Computerworld (China), January 2000 28. Top 10 IT Product in 1999, China Computer Reseller Weekly (China), January 2000 29. Highly Recommended Hardware, eNet, January 2000 30. Upgrade Product of 1999, Australian Personal Computer (Australia), November 1999 31. CeBIT-Oscar for “Trend Setting Technology” Hardware Category, CHIP Magazin (Germany), February 2000. 32. Most Innovative Manufacturer, PC Direct (Germany), February 2000. 33. Reader s Choice Most Innovative Hardware, PC Shopping (Germany), February 2000. 34. Reader s Choice – Company of the Year (Germany), PC Shopping, February 2000. 35. Grand Prix Award, Best CPU Hi-End Use, VIDI Magazine (Croatia), February 2000. 36. Grand Prix Award, Best CPU Games, VIDI Magazine (Croatia), February 2000. 37. Grand

Prix Award, Best CPU Office Use, VIDI Magazine (Croatia), February 2000. 38. Innovation of the Year, PC Professionell (Germany), February 2000. 39. Zloty Processor, Teleinfo (Poland). 40. Golden Computer, Computer Bild. 41. Product of the Year, PC Magazine (Italy), 2000. 42. Product of the Year, CHIP Magazine (Poland), 1999. 43. Recommended Product, PC Actual (Spain). 44. “CPU of the Year Award” for 2000 Maximum PC ( Sounds like a good deal, isn t it? Competitive Performance, competitive price, and availability are the key points of the Athlon CPU. But of course you cant go anywhere without the promotion and actually the Athlon chip gets the biggest portion of a 15-18 million annual marketing budget. Here is how AMD planned to get attention to its product: The

effort begins with print ads in November magazines and newspapers. The creative from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston, targets sophisticated consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate buyers, delivering messages of how various software programs perform better on the AMD Athlon processor than the fastest Pentium III processor from archrival — and market share leader — Intel Corp (Advertising Age, Oct 4, 1999 p20). AMD is going to reach its marketing objective by using these tools: + Partner presentations (under NDA) + Partner or third-party training events + Advertisements + Web communications + Printed collateral + Trade show materials + Multimedia demonstrations + AMD internal communications + Any integrated promotional campaigns (AMD website, Positioning Statement The AMD Athlon processor powers the next generation in computing platforms, delivering the ultimate performance for cutting-edge applications and an unprecedented computing experience. (AMD website, The current campaign theme is, AMD Athlon+ – You have the Power. The campaign addresses issues of leading edge performance, most powerful multimedia experience, tomorrow technology today and the power of reliable partner. Ther is one interesting advertisment attempt which was taken in a 30 second clip, it uses the theme of Who Wants to be a Millionaire by using a show style commercial: [it] features an average Joe presented with a choice between an Athlon-based PC and one featuring rival Intel’s Pentium Ill. The winning choice, he is

told, will be able to reroute a runaway locomotive heading his way. The contestant chooses the wrong PC and in the time it takes to boot up, the train is seen heading toward him. The spot ends with the charred contestant in front of his wrecked house and the game show announcer saying, “Ooh, that had to hurt.” (Brandweek, Nov 15, 1999 v40 i43 p5). This commercial addresses the issue of performance, and shows that sometimes the performance is crucial in the decision making process. IT approaches a vide range of people from the average buyers of home computers to the corporate buyers of the high-end workstations. Lat thing I wanted to address is a so called roadmap of the AMD CPUs, basically this is the product line of the company for its processors. So, as you can see on this