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going to be the year is going to be the year when AMD will enter this market, here is some coments from Phil Trent Marketing Director for SMI and founder of AMD needs to have a presence in the corporate market. There are two weapons AMD will use to accomplish this: SMP (symmetric multi-processing), and Sledgehammer (or Hammer), which is AMD’s forthcoming 64-bit CPU. In the year 2001, AMD will use it LDT (Lightning Data Transfer) technology in their SMP solution to allow two or more CPUs to work together much more efficiently than Intel’s x86 (Newsfactor Network, Another main advantage of the Athlon and particularly the company is the availability of this product. While Intel is still fighting hard to provide its customers

with its last generation microchips, AMD delivers its CPU in the adequate quantities right after the introduction of the product. You can easily find the processor online and in big computer oriented stores, even the latest processors are not hard to get. Another main aspect is the price, for $200 today u can get one of the best processors available on the market today, and for about $2000 you can get high-end computer that can address all your needs in home or office computing. To see it better here is the comparison chart for the AMD and Intel pricing which was changed a lot of times during past one and a half year, and only recently on the 30th of April new prices were set, boasting a almost 50% decrease in prices. AMD April 30 2001 April 18 2001 Athlon 1.3 GHz (133 MHz FSB)

183 $ 350 $ Athlon 1.3 GHz (100 MHz FSB) 173 $ 318 $ Athlon 1.2 GHz (133 MHz FSB) 158 $ 294 $ Athlon 1.2 GHz (100 MHz FSB) 156 $ 268 $ Athlon 1.1 GHz (133 MHz FSB) 158 $ 265 $ Athlon 1.1 GHz (100 MHz FSB) 141 $ 241 $ Athlon 1 GHz (133 MHz FSB): 138 $ 224 $ Athlon 950 MHz (100 MHz FSB) 123 $ 182 $ Athlon 900 MHz (100 MHz FSB) 100 $ 172 $ Intel April 30 2001 April 18 2001 Pentium 4 1,7 GHz 352 $ 352 $ Pentium 4 1,5 GHz 256 $ 519 $ Pentium 4 1,4 GHz 193 $ 375 $ Pentium 4 1,3 GHz 193 $ 268 $ But, the interesting fact is that you can now get Athlon 1.33GHz processor for less then $183 as a retail price. Price is one of the main weapons in the AMD battle against market leader Intel. AMD tries to reach new customers in the business as well as in private computer market by offering them

a competitive product, that sometimes outperforms leading Intel CPUs, at he price that are significantly lower, plus the availiability of this product makes it one of the best choices available. We can see the AMD have followed some certain price strategy namely: AMD has kept its processor prices 30 percent below Intel’s and has been reactive to Intel’s price changes (Newsfactor Network, Before going on to the next session I would like to attract your attention to the Awards list of this processor. United States 1. CPU of the Year, Maximum PC, December 2001 2. CPU of the Year, Maximum PC, December 2000 3. World Class Award Product of the Year, PC World, July 2000. 4. Analyst s Choice Award Best PC Processor, Microprocessor Report, January 2000 5.

Technical Excellence Best Component (Hardware Category), PC Magazine, November 1999 6. Wired for 3D Editors Choice, 3D Magazine, January 2000 7. Best Product of 1999 (Hardware), Windows NT Systems, January 2000 8. All-Star Award, Cadalyst, December 1999 9. CPU of the Year, Maximum PC, December 1999 10. Attaboy Award Product of the Year, Houston Chronicle, December 1999 11. Peak Performer Award Best Product (Hardware), System Builder Summit, Palm Desert, California, March 2000. International 1. Best New Computer Hardware, The Toronto Star, May 2000. 2. Best New Product, Breakaway Canada Computing Technology Association of Canada, April 12, 2000. 3. Best Processor of 1999 (Hardware for Games Category), Game.exe, (Russia), March 2000. 4. Technical Excellence Best Component (Hardware

Category), PC Magazine en Espanol (Mexico), December 1999 5. Best Overall Product of the Year, PC Magazine (UK), December 1999 6. Best System Design Processor, PC Magazine (UK), December 1999 7. Product of the Year, PC Expert (France), January 2000 8. Technical Excellence Hardware and Component Category, PC Expert (France), January 2000 9. Year 2000 Star Product (New Technology Category), Info PC (France), January 2000 10. Overall Product of the Year, Info PC (France), January 2000 11. Editors Choice, Generation PC (France), January 2000 12. Product of the Year, PC Compatibles (France), December 1999 13. Product of the Year Processor, PC Direct (France), January 2000 14. Product of the Year 2000, PC Achat (France), January 2000 15. Product of the Year, PC World (Denmark),