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Amd Marketing Report Essay, Research Paper Computers are now became one of the essential part of our life, we give our lives to the computers on everyday basis: while driving the car, flying the airplane, crossing the road, riding the elevator, you name it. Computers are now taking part of our life, they ease our work, they provide entertainment for us, and lots of other things. Internet is now one of the essential part of living in this country and it also powered by the computers. But, have you ever thought what makes the computer to run, to perform task assigned to them? Computer consist of many parts those parts in their turn consist of other tiny parts. All what we see is the nice picture on the monitor, we use keyboard to type, we use mouse to go through the different

document, web pages, computer as a piece allows us to live a more productive life. But, what allows all those parts to run together and to provide us with the convenience of modern computing? The answer is hidden inside the box of your desktop or laptop computer, and it is a Central Processor Unit (CPU). CPU is the main part of every modern computer, it gives the computer it s main computing power. So, actually all the reliability and power of the computer is hidden in the tiny piece the size of the match box. The topic of this paper is the product called Athlon, the CPU made by a company called Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). This is one of the most powerful product on the CPU market today. Main competitors of Athlon are Intel s Pentium III and Pentium 4. CPU market is

duopolistic, AMD and Intel are now two main producers of CPUs all over the world. With AMD taking almost 18% of the market share and Intel having practically all the remainder. What distinguishes Athlon from its rivals and is it really one of the best? This is the question that we will try to answer in this paper. Let s begin with the short overview of the company that makes this product namely AMD. AMD was founded May 1st, 1969, in the November of the same year it s introduced its first product (4-bit MSI shift register). September 1972 AMD goes public, issuing 525,000 shares at $15 a share. January 1973 first overseas manufacturing base in Malaysia. 1975 – AMD’s product line includes the 8080A standard processor and the AM2900 family. 1976 – AMD and Intel sign

cross-license agreement. This agreement connected with 1083 technology exchange agreement allowed AMD and Intel to share and use each other designs of processors for PCs and other IC devices. 1979 Company shares listed on New York Exchange. 1985 – AMD makes list of Fortune 500 for first time. March 1991 AMD introduces the AM386 microprocessor family, breaking the Intel monopoly. April 1993 – First members of the Am486 microprocessor family are introduced. 1997 – AMD introduces AMD-K6+ processor, the processor of the 6th generation it was the rival of the Intel s Pentium+ processor. 1999 – AMD introduces AMD Athlon+ processor, the world s first seventh-generation processor. Also in the same year AMD finished its Fab 30 in Dresden, this facility is now one of the world most

advanced and biggest semiconductor factory in the world. (Historical information source is the AMD official website, One of the main aspects in addressing the company, is knowing its mission statement. AMD mission is: AMD produces integrated circuits, providing programmable products in concert with applications solutions to manufacturers of equipment for personal and networked computation and communication. To achieve success, AMD combines innovative concepts with leadership in process technology and design and manufacturing excellence to offer products and services that reduce the cost, improve the performance and shorten the time to market for our target customers worldwide. Successful accomplishment of this mission will enable AMD to grow faster and earn a higher