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Amazon.Com Essay, Research Paper Marketing Outline I. Current Situation A. Current Goals and Objectives 1. Improve customer relationships 2. Expand products and services 3. Expand overseas 4. Expand partnerships 5. Profitability in every business B. Current Strategies 1. Partnerships 2. Media and target advertising 3. Affiliate program C. Current Policies 1. Privacy 2. Pricing 3. Return II. SWOT Analysis A. Strengths 1. Leading online bookseller 2. Leading online music retailer 3. High profile online partnerships and alliances 4. Strong market position in non – media products B. Weaknesses 1. Buying products online is impersonal 2. Waiting for product delivery 3. Inability to make a net profit 4. Company overgrowth C. Opportunities 1. Large growing market 2.

Global appeal 3. Partnership possibilities D. Threats 1. Partnerships failing 2. Governmental internet regulations III. Alternatives A. Do nothing B. Further expand partnerships C. Global expansion D. Discourage further growth E. Eliminate partnerships and return to original focus ( books) F. Upgrade merchandise G. Establish physical stores IV. Recommendations A. Further expand partnership B. Upgrade merchandise C. Global expansion V. Implementations A. Form synergistic alliances with Nordstrom and Nike B. E – books C. Expansion into Japan VI. Evaluation and Control A. Customer feedback 1. E – mail 2. Chat rooms B. Company feedback 1. Track sales growth 2. Track repeat customers VII. Bibliography VIII. Appendix A. America’s Growing Market Opportunity Current Situation: is an online retailer that has created a business unlike any other. It services over 17 million customer accounts in over 150 countries. sells many types of items in many different categories; books, music, videos, video games, toys, and DVDs are just a few. Many e – commerce companies have established a strategic commercial relationship with Amazon. This company has an obviously large marketing opportunity along with a large customer base. It is a great brand with a distinguishing reputation. However, every retailer needs its share of improvement and is certainly no exception. (, Inc) Current Goals and Objectives: In the year 2000, has five important marketing goals. These goals consist of improving customer relationships,

expansion of products and services, expansion overseas, expansion in partnerships, and profitability in all Amazon businesses. will continue to invest heavily in building relationships with new customers. Customer obsession is the key focus at Amazon. With fierce competition like Barnes & Noble, must be on its toes. The competition is run by well – funded, smart, and aggressive people. There will be nothing to worry about if the competitors stay focused on Amazon and Amazon stays focused on the customer. There are three main factors that matter most to customers: selection, ease – of – entry, and price. will make sure it continues to be the best in those three areas. By doing so, Amazon will be better than its competitors and have

greater customer appeal. ( Investor Relations), (Bezos, A Bookstore ) will build a place where customers can locate anything anywhere. Anything anywhere refers to products and services. Product and service expansion is important, as the company becomes increasingly well known to a wider customer base. Expansions of products and services will also encourage repeat customers. As long as people keep coming back to purchase new types of merchandise, will make money. ( Investor Relations) Overseas expansion has become a successful business move for many companies. Amazon’s international businesses are bringing in more profits than it’s United States businesses. As previously stated, has been selling merchandise and has vast