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?thrown away?. Many of the residents believe that the incinerator is to blame for their health problems. Considering that it burns ?red-bag? products from 14 hospitals (amputated limbs, syringes, fetal tissue, etc.), it would be a tough claim for the City to disprove. Many of the children in this community are only able to breathe with the use of inhalers because their asthma has gotten so bad, presumably from the incinerators? fumes. This brings some questions to the reader?s mind such as, why would the city place an incinerator in this area? Did the city planning board even consider the residents of the area? What did the residents have to say about this? Unfortunately we can only answer the last question with no doubt. The residents do not have much say in city or state

political matters. Wealthier and more powerful people who most likely have no first hand knowledge of what life is like in these low-income ?ghetto? communities hold positions in the government. Is there a solution to this? The solution is to change the whole community, no easy task, which involves more than just direct practice with individuals. Dealing with people on an individual basis gives only individual responses. The problems in the South Bronx are not with the individuals themselves, but rather with the organization of the community. The community must change its? social policy in order to make it a better place to live. The community?s norm is currently violence and drugs. In order to change this, the community must use more education targeted towards social issues in

their schools and community to help people learn to live healthier lifestyles. They must make it known that drug dealing and violence are not ?all right?, and to help people obtain some sort of unity. The well known community members need to get involved in politics so that their voices can be heard and let the City know their communities needs/requirements. Creating support groups for people with AIDS, ex-addicts, people who have lost a family member, also for people who just need a place to talk and get their frustrations out would help the community as a whole. If the people of the South Bronx would act as a community bound together to help themselves and each other, there would be less tolerance for deviant behavior among its? members. The City must also be made more

accountable for its? actions. Clean up and reconstruction of Times Square to Battery Park is a step in the right direction. However, painting a mural of ?? flowers, window shades and curtains and interiors of pretty-looking rooms?? (p. 31) on the walls of empty buildings in the Bronx, just to give the illusion that this area is a good neighborhood it is not.