Am I Native American Essay Research Paper

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Am I Native American? Essay, Research Paper Am I Native American? I was born here and have lived here for all my life. But according to many I am not Indian because I am not of Native American decent. The Native American population has all been reduced to a couple thousand due to war, famine, and disease. Technically I should be named a Native American, because I was born on American soil. Shouldn?t I be able to have the same rights afforded to the Indians? Shouldn?t I be allowed to start my own reservation in the desert with my family if I choose to do so and be recognized a separate country residing within the continental United States. But then why is the name only reserved for the Indians? Living in the culture of Los Angeles, California all my life I been educated in the

history of this country. I know of the many transgressions the United States has had against the Native American Indians. It seems funny we have given special treatment to these people as gesture of goodwill. It was a way of making amends for claiming ownership on their territory and taking it over. So why not give me a piece of land for my 21st birthday as sort of birthright given to only people who were born here. It only seems fair that I as Natural born citizen who?ve lived here be given this one right to appease our ever-increasing appetite for a sense of justice and fair play. The Native Americans whose beliefs holds them to not claim any land have setup a perfect opportunity for us who have grown up in a culture whose taught us to make the most of every opportunity to make

most of this one. The American constitution does not give Native Americans this land but has given it to them in the treaties following a war. I am example of a first generation American whose parents originally came from the Philippines for more opportunities. They have also been taught about the opportunities that this country has. For those lucky enough to legally immigrate here it means a birth of a New Hope. The hope being that their children will have a better future, because of simply being here. The legal system has given rights not originally given to people because of holes in the laws. Why can?t one make the argument that he is allowed to own a piece of land because of birthright? I am trying to prove how that because I am Natural born American I have the right to own

any land given to the Native Americans and be recognized by the United States as a separate country. It seems unethical or even underhanded but it?s what I have known to understand is the ?American Way?. Being the land of Opportunity is how this country is portrayed and even advertised to the rest of the world. Maybe the injustice of the past has come at price come around to be paid today.