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checking account balance. Yes i am horrible about keeping up with how much i have to spend. So in the end the over draft fees get me were it hurts. I always think that i can put off picking up my check or going to the bank and while i am putting this very important erron there is a check going through to my account to withdraw the money that isn’t there. Yes everytime I make a deposite i promise myself, my parents, and the bank that i wil keep track of my spending and of course I am able to save all my receites for another day. and instead of adding them up everday and figuring my balance I put off for tomorrow that needs to be done today. so in the end my people, please do what needs to be done now! so that you don’t end up with a half washed car, un-ironed khakis, a low

GPA, or over draft fees. beleive me when I say, learn from my mistakes.