Alternatives Of Network File System Essay Research

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Alternatives Of Network File System Essay, Research Paper CONTENTS OF THE REPORT List of contents???????????????.. 1 The introduction??????????????? 2 Sun Microsystems provides NFS version 4 ???? 5 The relation between the NFS server and Client file systems?????????????? 6 Architecture of NFS????????????? 8 Alternative for NFS????????????? 9 What is CIFS (SMP)????..???????? 9 SMB Clients and Servers Currently Available ????????????????? 10 comparison between NFS and CIFS(SMP)???????????????? 11 Conclusion????????????????. 15 Bibliography???????????????.. 17 Introduction Since human beings have used Computers , the request of being rich ,and getting more information quicker than before has increased . Have you ever found yourself rushing from one computer to another in your

office or home ,attending to several different jobs at various location? Or do you often find yourself moving files that need printing from a PC that you happen to be working on the PC that is Connected to the printer ? You may have heard a lot about the advantages of using the internet for sending e-mail, and decided that you want to get connected . Or perhaps you are already connected to the internet through a single PC/Modem , but want all of your office colleagues to have access . All of these situations can be made easier by allowing the various machines to communicate with each other ? by networking the PCs but sometime you don?t know that your PC has (NFS) operating system for sharing file systems and directories across TCP/IP – based Networks. Network File System (NFS)

is a popular network operating system and it?s a distributed file system that allows users to access files and directories located on remote Computers and treat those files and directories as if they were local. For example, users can use operating system commands to create, remove, read write and set files attributes for remotes files and directories. NFS was first introduced by Sun Microsystems in the early 1980s and was quickly adopted as de facto standard for sharing files and printers between UNIX system. This standard was extended to include PCs and became the basis for must transparent file and print connectivity software solutions . Examples of using NFS Creating a /usr/local environment in a multi architecture environment. Some directories such as man and doc are

architecture neutral, others such as bin and lib are architecture specific. Creating a rational user file system, when users have files located on their specific machines NFS can be used to make it look coherent on the server. Creating a central mail spool for all users. This allows users to sign on any machine and access there mail. In this report , I highlighted some inquires that related with NFS such as : ? Sun Microsystems provides NFS version 4 The NFS standard, which Sun created and turned over to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), enables diverse operating environments to access and share remote files across the network. NFSv4 improves on four areas of the standard: security, performance, interoperability and Internet access. To provide strong security for NFS

v4, implementations of the protocol must provide for the use of Kerberos V5 and Public Key Infrastructures through the use of the Low Infrastructure Public Key, LIPKEY; dynamic client response to changes on NFS servers; namespaces that are compatible across all platforms; client file caching that provides for good performance via the Internet while maintaining performance in the traditional LAN environment; and compound operations to minimize the number of connections necessary per transfer. ? The relationship between NFS server and Client file system. NFS consists of the NFS server and the NFS client software. The NFS server is implemented as a daemon, waiting for requests from clients. The NFS server does not retain the state of the NFS client. ? Architecture of NFS. NFS is