Alternative Medicine The Best Choice Essay Research

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Alternative Medicine: The Best Choice Essay, Research Paper It is undeniable that the conditions of today?s life and age emphasize in instant results. Everyone wants a quick answer to their problems. Perhaps, this is why traditional medicine appeals to many. If a patient is sick, he or she is diagnosed and instantly receives a synthetic drug to treat his or her illness, regardless if this is the best form of treatment. Alternative medicine is the most effective method of treatment because it is based on natural healing methods, treats patients as individuals not numbers, and results in long-term benefits. The alternative medicine has been derived from many techniques, modalities and medical systems that are still unfamiliar to the majority of people. However, the number of

users has been increasing. This new type of medicine comes from other cultures. A good example will be the use of Acupuncture that comes from ancient China. This method utilizes the insertion of fine needles on nerve endings in order to eliminate diseases which are related with this nerves instead of the use of strong drugs. Different opinions have grown about this topic. Some people agree that it could be a very good source of new techniques that can complement the conventional medicine. Others simply deny it because it is something unknown and it has not been completely proved their effectiveness. Iwanowski, 2 First of all, the alternative medicine was founded on a deep belief in the healing power of nature. Practitioners says that we have the ability to heal, so they believe

in the support and the stimulation of this natural healing ability from each patient treated. On the contrary, conventional medicine tries to replace the body?s natural healing process by just taking off the symptoms. For instance, instead of stimulating the immune system to fight an ear infection in a child, a biomedical doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic. As a consequence the child receives immediately relief of such pain, but this medicine although of destroying white blood cells, the child immune system is not any stronger to protect him for the next ear infection and he became depending of the antibiotics. In contrast, alternative medicine will provide additional options in order to stimulate the body?s natural healing power. For example, drops of mullein garlic ear

oil is used to cure an ear infection. The practitioners have said that a full healing response could take ten days, but the benefits are going to be excellent because the child is going to have a stronger immune system. Another advantage of alternative medicine is that the feelings, beliefs and the opinions of the patients are vital in the treatment decision-making process. Also, his or her problem is going to be taken as a unique human being, as an individual, where mental, emotional and physical aspects are quite important to be considered. On the other hand, conventional medicine sees the patient as the doctor?s diagnostic. In this case patients are under the judgment and authority of a doctor. Iwanowski, 3 In addition, alternative medicine has been very successful because it

does not harm while the treatment is being done in contrast to regular medicine. For example, with a very good diet and a good plan of exercises you can avoid an unnecessary heart bypass surgery. It seams like the doctors prefer to attack the problem at the very moment instead of prevent it. In conclusion, alternative medicine is better for mental as well as for physical health and conditions. It is a good option because we give the opportunity to our boy to respond in a natural way, instead of using regular drugs that can solve some problems immediately, but they can cause irreparable damage in our immune system.