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straining. This can lead to an increase in blood pressure, which could aggravate diabetic retinopathy. The relationship between stress and bodily function has been studied for many years. Yet, there is little proof that stress can lead to diabetes. Genetics is more likely the cause. However strong the notion that personality trait cannot cause diabetes, there are many experiments that suggest that there is a strong mind/body connection with diabetes. For example, a person who is shy and withdrawn may not have the curiosity about the world, and therefore be less likely to adhere to a strict care regiment. Likewise, people who are aggressive, hostile, or urgent, may experience more problems from diabetes during times of stress (Mind Body 139-140). Despite current trends to

self-treat bodily malfunctions with diet, vitamins, exercise, and relaxation, strong cautions are warranted in relation to diabetes. First, no change in prescribed medication should be undertaken without a consultation with your doctor. But, any diabetic wishing to better control their disease needs to first look at basic, fundamental lifestyle changes, all of which promote good health. A doctor specializing in functional medicine or nutritional medicine is a good source for finding a combination approach to healthy living. Given the proper regimen of medication, diet and exercise, even a Type I diabetic can reduce medication levels by following natural, holistic, cost-effective approaches to the treatment of diabetes (Null 300-301). The bottom line – addressing the actual

causes of diabetes rather than attempting to invasively overpower the symptoms, can lead to a healthier, more active life for the millions of people who suffer from diabetes (Null 305).