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alcohol-powered sales were about 50% of the market. Nowadays it is less than 10% of the total car sales. It is not zero because of the subsidy (Kumpinsky). United States: Similarly, in the U.S. chemical companies cannot keep up with ethanol demand. The market for fuel grade ethanol has grown explosively in the past decade; however, corn prices are rising (the “biomass” source of ethanol) and the market’s long term viability is uncertain. “The renewable fuels requirement didn’t happen the way people expected,” (Hoffman, 5). Currently ethanol sales are “through the roof” and companies are selling every gallon manufactured, (Hoffman, 5). “Indeed the alcohol program is getting smaller and smaller, but it will not go away. In case there is another fuel crisis, the

country, [Brazil], will have the technology to satisfy its energy, if people replace their gasoline powered engines with alcohol powered ones. Even with better alloys and coatings, corrosion is still a problem. I think the problem of corrosion and lower mileage per gallon is due to the same problem in complete combustion. You ca