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in speed and force as it heads to an ultimate end. Life is like a river to Thoreau. People use the earth as a river would use its banks. We all need to let the earth guide us downstream, to make our turns, to set us in the right direction. When contact with the earth is accomplished, we can gain strength from the earth and ultimately reach our final goal- a good life. Like Antaeus, having our feet firmly planted with the earth and becoming one with its powers, we can live a long life. Once removed, it is only a matter of time before death will overcome oneself. Bibliography Eddie. “New to list and question.” Online posting. 5th Nov, 2000. List Serv: . 6th Nov, 2000. . Editors. “Antaeus”. Encyclopedia Mythica – Article: Antaeus. April 20, 1999. . Nov 6th, 2000. Thoreau,

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