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Allies For Freedom Essay, Research Paper Introduction The reason I choose “Allies For Freedom” is because I am very interested in slaves and how they gained their freedom. I also wanted to learn about the famous “ john brown” and everything this man did to change history. This book looked interesting to me because it covers not only just john brown but also other allies for the slaves. I wanted to see the different views of the people during slavery. This book also interested me because I knew he was raised in Ohio and I thought to relate to his views from being born and raised in Ohio also. This is a very important subject in history. Slavery changed American history and how we view things today. This book helps us see and understand that not all people were for

slavery and there were people willing to give or risk their lives to do something they believe in. the main person this book is about is john brown. To me he is a hero that opened up opportunities for many blacks and slaves. John brown was a main leader for abolitionist. He led Harpers Ferry with 21 men. They cut telegraph wires, and then made their attack. First the captured the federal armory and arsenal. Then the Hall’s Rifle Works, and supplier of weapons to the government. Then they got 60 citizens of the town and held them as hostages. Hoping that their slaves help them in the fight, but none did. Brown also led a murder of five proslavery men. He led many abolitionists like himself in the fight against slavery. Benjamin Quarles, the author of “ allies for freedom”,

was a noted author, editor, and historian, and the first African American to be published in what became the journal of American history. He has written many books on slavery and abolitionists. He tried, through his books and writings, to show the Declaration of Independence and the rights it gave to the blacks and slaves. Benjamin Quarles is a very experienced author. He has written many book and novels on the topic. I think that the purpose that the author was trying to give the reader was to inform and educate them about slavery and abolitionists. The author tells about john brown and how he stood up for slaves and the equality of all men. Benjamin Quarles points out all the problems about slavery and America during this time. This book informs us on how slaves were treated

during that time. But it also tells us about the many men, including john brown, who helped the blacks win their freedom. Main body In the beginning of this book it starts off by telling about john browns day and how it became. On august 17, 1906, hundreds of admires assembled at the john brown “fort” to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of john browns birth and the fiftieth jubilee of his blood skirmish at Osawatomie, Kansas, over the issue of the slavery in the territories. The one hundred or so participants in this john brown’s day were members of a one-year-old black civil rights organization known as the Niagara movement, its first meeting was held at Niagara falls that summer. All the people gathered outside the engine house, the pilgrims listened to prayer,

followed by a speech from Richard t. greener. People had to stand through this whole speech while it was raining. After the half hour speech, the group marched around the fort single file. They sang “the battle hymn of the republic,” supplementing it with additional verses from the John Brown song. Anthon hall had given speeches before on john brown. On Decoration Day in 1881, Frederick Douglas had an oration on the hero of Harpers Ferry. On john browns day, Du bois gave a history of slavery and Brown’s relationship to it. He opened Withan analytical study of slavery in modern times and the cause of its growth in the United States. Du Bois was on ground familiar to him, having written a pioneer study on the suppression of the African slave trade. He said brown lived in a