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Alley Wars Essay, Research Paper Alley War II Me. I’m an ordinary guy. Living an everyday life. Everyday I wake-up at 9 o’ clock to watch the morning shows. After that I would usually go take a shower then eat breakfast. I’m mostly in my apartment all day till 5:30pm that’s when I go to work. That’s the most interesting part of my day. I work at a low-key restaurant in the center of Chinatown. I am responsible for the dishes, sweeping, mopping mostly the cleaning. That is not what I consider the fascinating part of my job it when I take out the garbage. Not the action of throwing it out but the scene of watching all the stray cats rally up around the alley. There must be about 50-60 of them. They run in packs. Whites blacks, and Siamese. They must think our garbage

is the best around because they keep coming back. Every night around 9:30 they would start coming in. The blacks were always there. It was as if this was their territory. Soon after the whites would stroll through. The white cats were always in a statuette posture as if the were superior. There was this one cat; it was the biggest most freighting looking cat. It had a set of whiskers that were black and formed a square under its nose. It reminded me of someone in history but I couldn’t name the face. This cat must be the leader. The black cat’s seemed more frightful and reluctant but still stood their ground. The leader of the black cats still remained a mystery to me because the black cats never acted as unit. This flaw is what made them so weak. They were always bound to

lose a fight due to lack of unity and tactics. The Siamese cats were the most puzzling to me. They didn’t do anything but watch. They were always late. When they arrived they would just lay around the alley on fire escapes, doorways and dumpsters. The funny thing is that they never came to eat just to watch the mayhem. There was this one night that change the whole routine of things. It was 9:30 and I went to throw out the garbage as usual the black cats were they’re waiting. Soon after the white cats came. For about 5 minutes all you could here were hissing treats from both sides. Both sides held their ground. With all the hissing on going I looked down the alley through the shadows you could see the kinky eyes and long whiskers strolling through. The other paid them no

attention. At the split of a second the white cats charged with a cheap shot. The black cats went into a scatter. Soon all there was were black and white balls rolling about the place. Every chance the black cats had to run they were chased down by a couple of whites. Now they were seriously getting injured. Some had bloody eyes, torn ears, broken limbs. Some so weak they just dropped. The white cats were obviously badly battering them. There wasn’t an ounce of mercy running through their evil veins. Suddenly there was a pause after the white leader made a series of hissing sounds. All the members then looked towards the Siamese cats. The Siamese cats returned the expression with a stunned and confused face. Rather then get into a brawl the cats got on fours and then started to

leave. The white leader filled with hate and embarrassment ran first towards the group. The cats quickly got ready for battle. They set up in an unbelievable pattern in which they divided and spread around the whites. Soon the white cats were closed in completely then the Siamese attacked. With all the experience the white cats had none of it helped. They were quickly over taken. Suddenly the remaining black cats jumped into the fiesta of blood. The once white were now red. The white leader badly beaten attempted to retreat but was seen by one black then was chased down the alley into the street were unfortunately it was run over by 10:00 garbage truck. The incident sent all the cats into hiding. It was evident that the war was over. I soon then came back to my reality which