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Allergies Essay, Research Paper Allergies what is the true meaning . Allergy, what does it mean . An Allergy is a condition of hypersensitivity to substances that are harmless to most people. The immune system of an allergic person produces antibodies that react with normally harmless substances such as dust , pollen , and certain foods or medicines . The reaction causes the release of chemicals including histamine . Allergies may produce sneezing and running noses , it may also cause contraction of the air passages , leading to wheezing , coughing , and difficulty in breathing , as in asthma . Some allergies may also be the cause of itching spots , hives, or welts (urticaria) on the skin . An allergic reaction in the blood may cause severe serum sickness. Treatment of

allergies usually involves avoiding substances that cause them . Drugs such as antihistamines or , in more serious cases , steroids may be used to decrease the reaction . Symptomatic treatment such as drugs to relax spasms in the bronchi of asthmatics , decongestants for hay fever sufferers , or local ointments to relieve itching of hives may also be useful . Desensitization by injection of gradually increasing doses of the causative substance is used to lessen reactions . Allergies usually first appear in childhood , adolescence, or early adulthood , but may appear for the first time later in life . Sometimes psychological factors , stemming from emotional conflicts , play an important role in allergies . Allergies do not discriminate , they go for any age , size ,weight , race

and religion . There are even a few allergies out there that may of led to the death of many friends and family members .To name on allergy that is capable of doing that is asthma . Asthma effects the lungs mostly and the rate of breaths per second ,and during an asthma attack that rate slows down rapidly to a near stand-still . If not receiving medical attention in the necessary amount of time for a serious asthma attack , it will then lead to a short torture type death, when all that you want to do is just breathe one more breath . Allergies the fact behind it all Did you know that One out of every five Americans suffers from allergies ,and that people with allergies have extra-sensitive immune systems which react to normally harmless substances . Allergens that sometimes

produce this reaction include plant pollen , dust mites , or animal dander . plants such as poison ivy ; certain drugs , such as penicillin , and certain foods such as eggs , milk , nuts , or seafood . The tendency to develop a particular kind of allergy is inherited , and allergies usually begin to appear in childhood , but they can show up at any age . Common allergies for infants include food allergies and eczema (patches of dry skin) . Older children and adults may often develop allergic rhinitis (hay fever) , a reaction to an inhaled allergen , common symptoms include nasal congestion , runny noses , and sneezing . The best course of action is to avoid contact with the allergen , but this is not always feasible . In some cases , drugs such as antihistamines are used to

decrease the reaction , and there are treatments aimed at gradually desensitizing the patient . Other effective allergy treatments include decongestants , eye drops , and ointments . Some people with allergies also have asthma , and allergens are a common asthma trigger . Asthma is a complex disease involving constriction of the passages that carry air into and out of the lungs . It is most often seen in children , but can develop at any age . People with asthma have inflamed , supersensitive airways that tighten and become filled with mucus during an asthma episode . Wheezing , difficulty in breathing , painless tightening of the chest , and coughing are common symptoms. Asthma can progress through stages to become life-threatening if not controlled . Emergency symptoms of