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All The Time Essay, Research Paper A crazy, out of control woman is what always came to my mind when I would think of my aunt. My name is Micheal Andrews and I am a thirty-nine year old stockbroker for Prolong Investment Corporation. I am going to tell you a story about my eighty-seven year old aunt whom I really never understood until now. You see, after I was granted power of attorney for my aunt I felt as though it was my reponsibilty to look after her. My Aunt Mary was a woman who was looked upon by many as being “weird”. First, she would always wear layers upon laters of clothing during the hottest days of the summer. She would also go down to the local supermarket and buy coffee and doughnuts, and yes smoked oysters for the dog. And if thats not bad enough, she

would display a number of scenes on the way home from the grocery store. By this I mean she would shout at stopped cars when she was crossing the street. She would make her eye’s flutter and twitch expressing some sort of fear. She even went as far as kicking a police officer. When Aunt Mary would arrive home she would put the the smoked oysters in the freezer for her dog Butch, along with my Uncle Henry’s appendix. Uncle Henry was her third husband who died from cancer. Her house was quite unusual, because it contained 217 “wind up” clocks, that had alarms set to randomly go off. And finally she would always shout and beat across the airshaft with a broom handle as if she were in prison. Now, for most people who would analyze Aunt Mary’s behavior would conclude that

she was simply a crazy old woman. I thought she was “nuts” myself until I took a deeper look and figured what she was really trying to do. I realized that she was a lonesome old woman. She was behaving this way all along to seek attention and maybe secure companionship which she greatly desired. I think she even went as far as treating the dog as a “fifth husband”. Why else would she buy him smoked oysters that are by the way an expensive delicacey. One more thing, every one thought she was a poor and crazy woman. Well, lets just say she was smarter than most, and she left enough money for future generations of the family to live comfortably for years to come.