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All The Pretty Horses-Roles Of Essay, Research Paper I have read the book All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy, assigned to me for my English three class. My book report is based on what roles the horses play in the novel. All the Pretty Horses is a novel that involves a romance between two people from different cultures who have a love for horses. The horse is a typical animal that is involved in westerns and many other eras throughout the years. In this book, the horse is a major part of the main character John Grady Cole s life. Grady was raised on a ranch and he has grown up with horses. To him, the role of a horse was of value and importance and a common necessity to the life he wanted to live. A horse was a part of his family. Riding, raising and breeding horses

was in his blood, and he was quiet successful at it, even at such a young age. Riding horses to Mexico, Grady and his friend, Lacey Rawlins, never thought twice about how they were getting to their destination. Having their horses was their transportation, and the horses also helped carry their belongings. Horses are also able to endure long trips though many places throughout the land and able to endure changes in the weather. After coming across young Jimmy Blevins, it is obvious there is something different about his horse. There is a question regarding whether or not it is actually his own horse or if the boy had stolen it in an attempt to run away. Grady and Rawlins then view the horse in alarm as a sign of trouble. The horse can be viewed as a way of bringing people

together in differrent ways. After wading across the river, riding along through the country of Mexico, Grady spots a young girl and suddenly becomes fascinated with her and by luck he and his friend get hired at her father s ranch. This is also a part of Alejandra s life in Mexico, for she too has been raised on a ranch. In my opinion, this shows that maybe the horse was a use of fate in bringing these two people together. Throughout the rest of the book, the role of horses is expressed. Always with their riders, they help symbolize the love and affection man can have for an animal. I m glad that I got to read the book and try to understand the emotions and affection that the characters share for horses and for each other.