All Men Are Equall Essay Research Paper

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All Men Are Equall Essay, Research Paper All Men are equal In the past, in the present and in the future, this problem has and will trouble all human beings, but why? Don t we know that we are all made of the same substance ? That a skin color or a physical incapacity makes no difference to us? That by thinking or being told by other that we are descendants of a god makes us superior than others? All through history, we have been trying to find something that make us better than others. Inequalities between us surged because of this reason. Let+s start from the past. Men believed that we were born with divine rights or that some were messengers of gods, from the pharaohs to the kings. But we know that all this was nothing but pure tales and science has tested it. Human beings

are born genetically exactly the same as others. It was difficult for the upper classes to believe it but they had to. Charles Darwin was a scientist who discovered that some species were suited to live and others were not. This was applied to human beings but as regards the economic and social classes, so people who were poor and did not have money to live thought that they could not escape that problem and that they were not suited to live . Obviously they were wrong and Darwin himself said so. His theory was applied to a species as a whole and these differences were due to the economic system and not to a natural selection. Another big problem that men have faced during the last years is discrimination. There are lots of types: age, race, skin color, women, social classes,

physical incapacities and soon. We think that we are perfect and this is the reason why discrimination appeared but my question is: Are we perfect by insulting the handicapped and making them feel that they are different when they are already suffering because of their problem? We are so selfish that we do not realize that we are hurting others. Religious discrimination has brought us a world war, so: Is it good to discriminate? Is it good to bring about a world war in which a lot of human beings die? Isn t this showing that we are all equal? It is true that some are born with natural abilities but they are also human. They should not be proud if they are fast or intelligent. In the contrary, they should help others. Natural abilities do not make men different from others. Only

the DNA determines if a being is different from another. We can not say that we were created better than another or born with natural powers. We are all human beings no matter what the different ways of thinking are, what our skin color is, if we have physical incapacities or what amount of money we have.