All Is Not Well In The Land

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All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Lion King Essay, Research Paper All is Well in Land of ?The Lion King? In the article, All?s Not Well in Land of ?The Lion King,? by Margaret Lazarus, the author over exaggerates an animated classic, investigating as to whether or not the movie is politically correct and morally right. The essay examines and stereotypes the movie, and comes to various misguided conclusions. Lazarus defines the hyenas and the lion, Scar symbolic, and declares that Disney already has gays and blacks ruining the ?natural order.? She also draws to the conclusion that Disney manipulates small children?s minds; encouraging them to believe that ?Only those born into privilege can bring about change? (pg. 440) Lazarus is constantly searching for the underlying

meaning throughout the movie, and fails to enjoy it. After a complete analysis of the movie she fails to understand the central idea of the movie. She then proceeds to mock the concept of a young heir to the crown to fighting and standing up for what is rightfully and morally his. She maintains that the movie ?The Lion King? is a metaphor for our society, suggesting that the nation only supports the concept that only the strong do survive in the world. So often a carefree animated tale is scrutinized and psychoanalyzed, and the pureness and innocence are stripped away from it. I fully disagree with Lazarus. ?The Lion King,? was a wonderful, original animation that, broke the Disney stereotyped classics, of a hero that saves a beautiful girl in distress. ?The Lion King,? features

a story of doing the right thing, learning to fight for what is right, to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. ?The Lion King,? is an animation, to over analyze in such a fashion as Margaret Lazarus does, is ridiculous and a shame. Lazarus is seeking too much meaning out of this simple tale. The cartoons main purpose is to entertain, not to set all the things wrong in the world right. It is impossible and absurd to suggest that young children?s minds are being corrupted by Disney movies. ?The Lion King? is a cartoon. Children cannot understand the underlying meanings of gays and blacks, they just want to laugh and enjoy themselves.