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during the last federal election when Kim Campbellmade a an advertisement criticizing Jean Cretien s physical disability. It was a collection of people commenting on how embarrassing it would be if he were to be Prime Minister due to the paralysis on the left side of his mouth. Ultimately this tactic failed and in turn Jean Cretien used the bad publicity that Campbell brought on herself to portray her as petty and desperate. In a more recent paradine, the Quebec Referendum was also a forum for bashing the opponent both directly through campaign advertisement and indirect free exposure through the news. The No side malignantly condemned Mr. Bouchard s “campaign slip when he spoke of the white race in Quebec and its low birth rate”(19) . To make the matter worse, the Liberals

“also found fodder in Jaques Parizeau blaming money and the ethnic vote”(20) for the Bloc s loss in the referendum. The response of the Parti Quebecois and the Bloc was to resort to the same tactics by “accusing the No side of-7-overspending and other illegal acts and perhaps costing the sovereigntists a victory”.(21) Another verbal thrashing Mr, Bouchard took came at the hands of ex-Prime Minister Pierre Truedeau. Bouchard sarcastically alluded to the constitution matter of 1982 and implied Truedeau was a liar; “when talking about the distortion of Quebec history, Pierre Truedeau is certainly an expert in that matter”(22). Truedeau floored Bouchard by saying that “the federalists would have done better in the recent Quebec referendum “(23) if the Yes side didn t

“make Quebeckers, especially former premier Rene”Levesque, look like victims”(24), Politics is a very dirty game, and if you don t develop a thick skin to deal with the rhetoric then you will not survive the smear campaigns. “I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets”(25) The mass media in all its manifestations has a mandate to be a forum for views both directly and indirectly through advertising and journalist reporting, This massive forum has been the place, for many years, that politicians have had their voice. Like many other institutions, the mass media has been utilized as a tool of the political world with which politicians, their parties, and their governments capture the fixated and passive audience, thus making the media a powerful device

to affect voters political choices-8-through advertising, change popular opinion on issues of state, and debasing political campaigns with smear tactics.