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please his father, and improve the relationship they had together. Similarly to me, Gates was also scared: It?s hard to catch a baseball with your eyes closed. Each time a ball came over the plate, I thanked the Good Lord that the batter hadn?t confused my nappy head with the baseball that had popped its way into my mit. My one time at bat was an experience in blindness; miraculously, I wasn?t hit in the head (81) However, just like me, he did it so he wouldn?t let his dad down. Gates and I shared something else: the lack of athletic ability. Although I wasn?t overweight or flat-footed like Gates, I had no real talent when it came to sports. I couldn?t make a basket, I couldn?t run fast, and I couldn?t block shots. Of course (like Gates), much of the reason could be due to the

fact that my eyes were always closed. Luckily for Gates, his dad realized his disinterest in sports after the first game. I was exhausted, so we walked easy. He was biding his time, taking smaller steps than usual so that I could keep up. ?You know that you don?t have to play baseball, don?t you, boy?? All of a sudden I knew how Moses had felt on Mount Sinai. His voice was a bolt out of the blue. Oh I want to play, I responded in a squeaky voice. ?But you know that you don?t have to play…? (82)After that walk with his father, Gates gladly returned his Little League uniform and never played ?hardball? again. That day was a milestone in Gates? relationship with his father. From that day forward, things changed. ?That day he knew me, and he seemed to care? (82). Although I never

experienced that kind of realization with my father, sports did create a bond between us that will never be broken. I don?t think my dad ever realized that I never enjoyed playing sports. He would be heartbroken if he figured that out. However, even though I didn?t enjoy sports, I did enjoy the time I spent with my father.