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Northern Ireland, United States of America, Vanuatu, Western Samoa and Yemen. Validity of Visas Every kind of visa is valid for a so-day period from the date of issue Length of Stay Transit Visa 30 days Tourist Visa 60 days non-immigrant Visa 90 days Note: Please check the period of stay stamped in your passport by the Immigration officer. Visitors who overstay their visa will, at the time of their departure, be fined 100 Baht for each excess day. Visa Extensions Apply for extensions of stay at the Immigration office. Fee 500 baht. Re-Entry Application fee for re-entry permit is 500 baht. Exit Visa Not required. Customs Regulations Prohibited Items All kinds of narcotics (hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine, heroin), obscene literature, pictures or articles. Fire Arms: Importation of

firearms and ammunition can be done only after a permit has been obtained from The Police Department or local Registration Office Personal Effects: A reasonable amount of clothing for personal use, toilet articles, and professional instruments may be brought in free of duty. Cameras: One still-camera or one movie camera can be brought in without duty. Five rolls of still-camera film or three rolls of 8 or 16 m.m. movie-camera film may be brought in free of duty. Tobacco, Alcoholic Beverages: Cigarettes, cigars, or smoking tobacco each or in total must not exceed 250 grams in weight but cigarettes not exceeding 200 in quantity. One litre each of wine or spirits may be brought in free of duty. Household Effects: A reasonable amount of used household effects, accompanied by the

owner on change of domicile are also free of duty. Plants and Animals: Certain species of fruits, vegetables and plants are prohibited. Please contact the Agricultural Regulatory Division, Bangkhen, Bangkok, Tel: 5791581, 5793576 for details. A permission of Entry for animals coming in by air can be obtained at the airport. If by sea, application must be made at the Department of Livestock Development, Bangkok, Tel: 2515136, 2526944. Vaccination certificates are required. Export of Antiques Objets D’Art from The Kingdom of Thailand Buddha images, Bodhisattva images or fragments thereof are forbidden to be taken out of Thailand. (With the exceptions only for worshipping by Buddhists; or cultural exchanges; or studying purposes. A license must be obtained from the Department of

Fine. Arts). A license must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts in order that such objects of antiquity or objects of art, irrespective of whether they are original, or reproductions, may be taken out of the country. Procedure for license application: Photograph the front view of objects and make two postcard-size prints (not more than 5 pieces in one photograph) The passport of the applicant must be photocopied Objects together with photographs and applicant’s passport with photocopy must be taken to: The National Museums Division, Bangkok The Chiang Mai National Museum, Chiang Mai The Songkhla National Museum, Songkhla at least four to seven days before the date of shipment or departure of the applicant in order to process the application and for inspection. For

further information, telephone the Bangkok. National Museum at 2261661 What to Buy in Thailand Thai silks, cottons, nielloware, silverware, bronzeware, pottery and celadon, pewterware, precious stones and finished jewellery, and a dazzling range of folk handicrafts make memorable gifts and souvenirs; international standard readymade sports and leisurewear is inexpensive; and quality tailors and dressmakers offer reliable 24-hour services in Bangkok and major tourism destinations. Cultural Values Buddhist Meditation Suan Mok, a 120-acre forest temple in Chaiya district, Surat Thani province, some 580 kilometres south of Bangkok, attracts and accepts meditators from all over the world. Meditation opportunities are also found in Bangkok, particularly at Wat Mahathat (facing Sanam

Luang), Wat Pak Nam, Wat Chonprathan Rangsit, Wat Phrathammakai and Banglamphu’s Wat Bowon Nivet where English language instruction is available. Elephant Training The recently opened Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, 28 kilometres outside Lampang on the main highway to Chiang Mai, has replaced the former Elephant Training School at Ngao. Logging training sessions for young elephants are held daily at 9.00 AM in an attractive forest setting, and visitors are welcome. Jungle Treks Most popularly originating from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, these 2-6 day treks take visitors through forested mountains and high meadows in what are, actually, the lower extremities of Himalayan foothills. Major attractions are remote hilltribe villages. Mountains surrounding Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai