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to think she was best. But, he told her, Karen had to agree. By this time most have figured out her evil ways so she knew she had to get outright nasty to get this part. She blackmailed Karen announcing that De Witt said she best agree to her getting the part or De Witt wouldlet everyone know that she was responsible for Margo missing the show so Eve could replace her. De Witt knew nothing of this but it was easy for Karen to believe due to his past history. In the end Eve got everything right back at her. De Witt checked out her past and discovered all of her dirty little secrets and said now she belonged to him or he would spill his guts. In overall, Eve was able to play out her evil ways because the people around her allowed her to. Each of their personalities made it possible

for her to suceed in getting what she wanted. Margo?s conceitedness and insecurities, along with Karen being too trusting. Addison De Witt?s popular past history and Lloyd?s blindness due to the thought of his plays being acted out exactly how he wrote them also made it easier. Had Birdie been higher in her position, Eve wouldn?t have gotten as far as she did, not with them anyway.