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ALIENS Essay, Research Paper No I do not believe in aliens. I will tell you why I do not believe in aliens. I don?t believe in aliens because I believe nothing that is not a fact, or some thing that I haven?t seen with my own eyes. I also believe movie producer?s think this whole aliens from outer space is phony too! But, the reason they make these movies and continue to manipulate our minds into thinking this non-sense is because it?s puts money into their pockets and makes them a pretty-penny and that?s their profit and that?s what makes them rich! They couldn?t careless if there is or was life on other planets all that they care about is that their making money and getting known at who can out do the other with eerie backdrops and gooey monsters, it doesn?t matter if the

whole movie made absolutely no sense at all but, as long as it had certain special effects it sold out! But, getting back to the main topic, I don?t think that the majority of people would be fascinated with space if it wasn?t for the theory that aliens could one day take over the world or the saying, ??The truth is out there??. Same thing goes with Christmas and Santa Claus?, no stores and huge corporations would make much money if they didn?t have Santa?s Story. Christmas wouldn?t be so popular with out Santa. I mean when you think of Christmas, what?s the first thing that comes to mind? Santa. Right? Also Christmas Tree?s, Reindeer, Corny Christmas Songs, and last but, not least Elf. And now what?s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of space? Aliens, Right? We

all no it?s not real but it?s a tradition it?s something our parents had, we now have, and soon our children will have. And that?s the same thing with the story of aliens and UFO?s. It?s a sense of tradition and us as American?s need that we feed on it! So in my eyes I have no problem with the Christmas movies with Old St. Nick and Rudolph, nor do I have any problem with sci-fi alien movies like Men in Black and Independence Day. Sure their entertaining but it doesn?t mean that all movies are real! Especially when it?s labeled Science Fiction, and the last time I checked Fiction mean, make-believe. But, who knows? Maybe I am all wrong, but that is my opinion and what I believe ! I hope that in all this I have stayed on key and close to the topic.