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Aliens – Ufo Essay, Research Paper Does life outside earth exist? Are UFO’s really from outer space? Many people in the world today do believe in UFO’s. “About half of the adult population do believe that UFOs are out there in space”(Ritchie 22). There are basically two sides to the matter. The first is that UFOs are hoaxes and don’t exist at all, and the other is that they do exist and come from somewhere in outer space. Government cover-ups have been used to keep the secrets of UFOs under wraps throughout history, but despite all the unexplained sightings and stories evidence continues to indicate that these mysterious vehicles do, in fact, exist. What are UFOs? A UFO is an unidentified light or object in the air that has no obvious explanation. The expression

unidentified flying object “. . . is thought to have origionated with Air Forse Captian Edward Ruppelt . . .”(Ritche 220). This was introduced to replace the term flying saucer. UFO sightings first started in the late 1800s, but there weren’t that many until the 1940s. In the 1940s UFO sightings were being told all over the world. Since the 1940s UFOs are seen every day by people all over the world. Ufologists have come up with a system to divide UFO incidents into three major types of close encounters. First, close encounter of the first kind (CEI) are classified as UFO sightings. Second, close encounters of the second kind (CE2) are sightings and permanent evidence, such as marks in the ground or burns on grass. Third, close encounters of the third kind (CE3) are actual

contact with alien beings from a UFO. (Oberg 240) There are many different theories about how UFOs travel and where they come from. “Some scientists believe that they come from the larger planets like Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter or Saturn”(Yenne 103). Most people think that UFOs come from Mars, mostly because of movies they see. Psychic Jeane Dixon suggested that UFOs come from a ‘”planet on the other side of the sun and can never be seen”‘(Brookesmith). Its is also believed that UFOs are constructed right here on earth. Some people even go as far as saying that UFOs are secret weapons that Nazi’s have created. The moon is another popular belief. People still think that this is a possibility even with all the lunar expeditions of NASA to the moon. Another is that they

come from the stars. Most scientists think its impossible that they come from the stars since it would take 40 years at light speed to get the nearest star. On the other hand if such vehicles exist, no one knows of their technological capabilities . They may be far more advanced compared to technology on earth. Other questions that remain unanswered as how they travel and what their made out of. It is a great mystery to how UFOs travel and what they are made out of. Some people believe that they travel through black holes from point A to point B and that its like a tunnel. This theory is said to be impossible since a black hole would stretch out a space ship if its made of a solid material. This brings up another theory, what if UFOs aren’t nuts and bolts, but are actually

ghost like and can appear and disappear. This theory insists that UFOs are nonmaterial vehicles. “If UFOs are solid vehicles from outer space, I can’t see why they don’t register on our space tracking network” (Clark 78). Some scientists strongly believe that UFOs have the ability to make themselves invisible to the human eye. If this could be proved it could explain a lot about UFOs and how they travel through space. This may explain why all these UFOs that people see don’t show up on radar Throughout the previous fifty years there have been thousands of UFO sightings from all around the world. Some may be real and others are made up by people for various reasons. Some who see them keep it a secret in fear that other people will think that they are insane or crazy.