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Alienated People Essay, Research Paper The Oxford dictionary defines alienation as; to estrange, isolate, detach, distance, to put a distance, to turn away from another person. Alienation, like a lot of other social attitudes and concepts, can give a wide variety of interests. I have found six main points in The Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychoanalysis that have gotten the most attention and things written about alienation; A) Powerlessness: The feeling, belief, or expectancy that a persons behavior can’t control some events whether positive or negative, B) Meaninglessness: The person feels incomprehensive in his/her social life and feels the "absurdity of life", C) Normlessness: High expectancies for, or commitment to socially unapproved ways to

achieving a goal, one will go about achieving a goal in a not normally excepted way, D) Cultural Estrangement: person’s individual values rejected by society, the image that the alienated value’s not being standard to that of the environment around him/her, E) Social Isolation: The individuals low expectancy for inclusion and social exceptance, being lonely and commonly found a member of a minority or physically disabled, F) Self Estrangement: This focuses on the discrepancy or differences between one’s ideal self and one’s actual self. In the novel, The Metamorphosis, Gregor wakes up one morning as a giant insect and feels out of place. When Gregor sees his father and his attitude to him, Gregor feels alienated in that fact that his father yells and shows his anger and

frustration to his son and throws an apple which gets stuck in his slimy backside. His father feels Gregor has not become successful and a failure. He probably also feels that he has let his sister down along with his mother for not being supportive enough as the father was not. Continuing with the same concept of Mr. Samsa not being a good father, Gregor felt alienated again by his mother and sister by not filling in the father role while his father was out or doing whatever. His mom and sister took things out of his room and the only thing left was a picture of a woman who he probably felt was the only thing close to him. His boss surely wasn’t and his family was sure not there either. In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya gets an incredible toothache and is taken to the

dentist who refuses to work on her because of her race. Because of Dr. Lincoln and his nurses, Maya feels distrusted, hated, and these things prevent her from receiving her share of community respect. She remains unacknowledged except by her black neighbors. Towards the end of the novel, Maya lacks parental support and runs away. Sleeping in old cars and meeting other run away children as independent as she is. She feels abandoned by family but gains trust in the gang members and enjoy the illusion of freedom. She has nowhere to go and has no choice but to go with these hoodlums and try to survive, she’s lost on the inside. Looking at my workbook and the notes I have taken, I find some interesting points on alienation. The modernist growing sense of self-fragmentation,

alienation, and self-violence in the name of trying to find some comprehensive vision of human purpose (the CD-ROM to workbook) has become completely impossible for some humans. The media and new technologies are disrupting the way we want to live and corrupting our everyday lives. There is no perfect way to live but these things are blocking us and trying to pursue us into believing that these are the things that will make life better. In the same light as the media, these people have constructed the truth. They have twisted some forms of it making the interviewed seem more demented and pre-mediated in the things they do. Doing articles to get paid and not all truly into the article or having any interest in it at all. I feel most reporters want to get the dirt on people because