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Alien Story Essay, Research Paper The Most Messed Up Story You Will Ever Read I am going to start my story in the past. This is mainly because this is where it starts. It was not planned. If I had to do over, I would have not followed the path that I had chosen. You see this path led to me being married to my loving, caring, thoughtful husband. There is nothing in this universe more disgusting. It all started about five years ago. I had just awoken from my slumber. It was not a welcomed awakening. In fact, I was having quite a good dream about Rod Hugebone, the college football team’s star quarterback. This guy was the man of my dreams, literally. Oh the things I would fantasize him doing with me and a bottle of whip cream…but that is another story for another time. You

see I had just been woken up by the evil, all-consuming sound of my alarm clock. Damn, those things are devilish. Well, any ways, I slowly rolled out of bed, and put my feet onto the soft carpet. It is a new carpet that the college had just installed in all the rooms in my building. It is much more soft, and a lot better color blue, than the old carpet. I made my way to the bathroom, remembering to put my robe on. “Don’t want to go out walking around the hallways naked,” I thought. I made my way into the bathroom, which is only across the hall from me, when it hit me. “I forgot my shower box thingy!” I went back to my room, unlocked the door, and got the little plastic carrying box that holds all of my showering needs. I made my way back to the bathroom and proceeded to

take a much-needed shower. The soft water trickled down my back as I used my poof ball to massage the body lotion upon my skin. I wouldn’t say that I was beautiful, but the term ugly has never been uttered around me. The smooth sensation of the water sends chills up and down my back. After the shower, I make my way back to my room and put on some clothes. A nice pair of khaki pants, and a green sweater. I throw on my Keds, and make my way to my desk where all my books reside. I pick up my Biology and English books, and head to the car garage. This is where my 1984 Ford Tempo lives. In the garage I see the girl that rides to school with me. Her name is Jane Mills. I have been giving this girl a ride to class now on Tuesdays for the entire semester. We met in class when we were

assigned to work in groups. Her and I were put into a group, and one thing led to another. You know how it is. So any ways, her and I leave the car garage and make our way onto route 42. This is the main road of the campus. It also has a name. Long St. We take the left out of the garage and start towards my first building of the day. We stop at the stop sign, in hopes of being good law-abiding students. Making my way to the tattered parking lot, I find a spot in the middle of the middle row, in the middle section. Getting out of the car, we go to the building and get into class. Oh class, let the fun begin. This part of the story has no importance so we’ll jump right along. After class Jane and I say our good-byes and head our separate ways. She is all done with classes at this

point, though I have to drive back across campus to my English class. At my car I find a flyer for the local band, “Mockchild.” It’s some band that plays evil, evil music. The lead singer I guess tried to leave the band, and the other members ate him. That is why they have a new singer. I carefully take the flyer and make sure that the entire piece of paper hits the ground, making sure that not a bit of it gets in my car. Off I go onto the way to my new class. “Wow, It’s bright out. And it’s so sunny,” I thought. I take the turn onto Prescott St. and that’s when it happened. Taking the turn, I feel a thump, and them a gruesome scream and a crunch underneath my car. I quickly stop the vehicle and hop out. Not quite sure what to guess, and hoping to God that it