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or backward enough to want to marry you, neither (Purple 175). This hell she calls her life continues until she befriends a singer, whom Mr.____ is in love with, who helps her find the confidence she needs to escape her life of torture. Shug, the singer, treats Celie as a human being and respects her. Shug and Celie become best friends, and Celie s life begins to look up. She finally leaves her husband, and had the strength to tell him how she has always felt. Celie even learns that two of her children are missionaries in Africa. Her father dies, which she feels no remorse about, but is left with his house and his business. Her father s wife gives Celie the news: Your stepdaddy been dead over a week, she say. When us want to town to hear the will read yesterday Your real daddy

owned the land and the house and the store When your mama died it passed on to you and your sister Nettie (Purple 206) This is definite evidence of her life becoming positive. At the end of the story, Celie finally meets her children. Her was life finally coming out of the slums. In the end, she makes a great living making pants at her newly inherited store. The novel, The Color Purple, was very successful. It was probably Alice Walker s Best example of a woman s hard life and the way it positively ends. Human beings often have hard lives. In many of Alice Walker s works, such as Beauty: When the Other Dancer is Thy Self, The Color Purple, and The Almost Year. It is up to the person to decide how their problems will turn out in the end. In literature, the author chooses a path

for its characters, and what will happen to them. This path can be positive or negative. Alice Walker chooses to take her female characters on a difficult road, but they almost always triumph in the end. We all experience this path at some point in our lives, and it is the triumph that makes life great. 324