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special. Alice Walker had a childhood that caused her great pain emotionally, but mostly mentally. This story is a great example of a woman s struggle and the way she overcomes it. The following summarizes her triumph perfectly: That night I dream that I am dancing to Stevie Wonder s song Always (the name of the song is really As, but I hear it as Always ). As I dance, whirling and joyous, happier than I ve ever been in my life, another bright-faced dancer joins me. We dance and kiss each other and hold each other through the night. The other dancer has obviously come through all right, as I have done. She is beautiful, whole and free. And she is also me (Beauty 6-7). Alice Walker uses fiction pieces as well as nonfiction to portray female characters as having difficult lives.

The short story The Almost Year, Walker shares the life of a young black ghetto child. This girl gets the opportunity of a lifetime to go live with a wealthy family, because her grandmother could not support her. The only problem was that they were white. The girl spent from September to June with the family. She was very miserable when she first arrived at her new home. Her hatred of her new surroundings are expressed in the following: She hates the idea and them. However, her aunt and only means of support leaves her with them while she goes looking for a better job. The Malloys find the girl hostile to preferential treatment, or any other kind. Whatever advances they make toward her are quickly checked (Year 140). This quote shows her hostility toward the family. She did not

want to live with these strange, white people, even though she lived in the slums. The family was very hospitable but she did not fit in their way of life. She would not allow the family to touch her, and she would not talk to them. She was very quiet and withdrawn. In this silence she creates a ghost in her mind, which causes the family many disturbances. She finally comes to grips with herself and faces the ghost. But this would not have been possible without the help of Mrs. Mallory. This is expressed in the following quote: after much house shaking and dish rattling, the black girl opens the dreaded attic door and confronts a small dark wraith. Herself. And in this fearful journey it is Mrs. Mallory who walks beside her, the girl at last allowing this white woman to touch

her, and, more important, to share and face down the fear that had stalked the Mallory household. The warmth generated between them lays the poltergeist to rest, banishes fear (Year 140). Through this horrifying journey she eliminates her fear of the white Mallory family, and finds the value of friendship. She takes this new value to her home in the slums. This quote clearly illustrates the girl s triumph: What is the value of one hour s warmth in nine months of coldness? Of nine months in a beautiful house but a lifetime in a slum? What a value has friendship that is content to see one comfortable part of the time? Indeed, is it friendship (Year 141)? The girl s problems finally turned out positively in the end. She overcame her fear of the Mallory family and learned from it in

the process. What is probably Alice Walker s best example of a woman having a hard life and overcoming it would be the novel The Color Purple. This is a story of a girl and the awful life she lives. Right from the beginning Celie is mistreated by her father who rapes her. He does this to her because her mother is dying and unable to satisfy his needs sexually. So she is in turn abused by him. His brutality and incestuous behavior is illustrated in the following: He never had a kine word to say to me. Just say You ganna do what your mammy wouldn t. First he put his thing up gainst my hip and sort of wiggle it around. Then he grab hold my titties. Then he push his thing inside my pussy. When that hurt, I cry. He start to choke me, saying you better shut up and git used to it

(Purple 3). She becomes pregnant many times, and her father kills and sells her babies so no one will know what he did to her. He threatens to kill her if the secret is revealed to anyone else. Then later in her life she marries a man twice her age and is forced to tend to his children. She only does this to escape her terrible life with her father, but little did she know she was walking into years of pain and suffering. Her new husband, who Celie refers to as Mr. _____, beats and rapes her as her father did. He also calls her ugly and worthless. Mr.____ expresses his contempt to Celie: You ugly. You skinny. You shape funny. You too scared to open you mouth to people You not that good a cook either. And this house ain t been clean good since my first wife died. And nobody crazy