Alice And Rabbit Hole Essay Research Paper

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Alice And Rabbit Hole Essay, Research Paper Like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, we don’t know where things will lead us. Perpetually falling, landing, trying t claw our way up the slick metallic walls only to lose our grips and fall back into the blackness, on our way back to wonderland. But sadly we never quit get there. I wonder to myself. What are we getting accomplished? Why live just to die? And why do things go so drastically wrong, and then again maybe there not. In this man made and mechanized new wonderland there are now a lot more rabbit holes than the one Alice followed the little white rabbit down. They just come in different shades now. Like different flavors of candy. Inside the hole lies a world full of surprises. Some not every one is truly ready for.

But since the technology of our time is, some venture into the strangeness without a clue on what they will find there. Some enter with out the intent on coming out. But don’t make it as far down as they would like. Finding them self in a limbo between reality, and an endless wood. But why when you get down to wonderland do you come back forgetting the adventure that you had? Because the machine of modern life can’t allow you to remember what has been discovered. Leaving you craving what you once held like a dodo bird croquet stick. "It was all very well to say `Drink me,’ but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. `No, I’ll look first,’ she said, `and see whether it’s marked "poison" or not’." That bottle that one said

"drink me" has been tosses aside for the mushroom and a bottle that says "Budweiser". Thankfully the bottle not marked "poison" or we might remember what’s killing us. The mushroom no longer makes you taller than a tree, but it will make you feel that way and now that’s all that matters. Wonderland will never get that back. Now a days we let the house of cards fall on us and hope for the "magic" at the bottom of the bottle to help us feel tall again Now people have found ways into wonderland, which were to be forbidden to man. But the binary key has decoded secretes of old. Instead of the white rabbit, the blinking mouse on the computer screen leads the way to wonderland. Information in ones and zeros has been dormant in the forest for

only the caterpillar to blow in his smoke, is being spied on by Cheshire cats with Macintosh looking glasses. Sadly the world-wide-web does not have a address to take them all to the rabbit’s house. The information that should only be over heard during a mad tea party has been infiltrated by a web cam. It must be in the mouse’s teapot. Unfortunately, you will never see what the March Hare has found through that lens. Perhaps you need a different looking glass. Holes once restricted to responsible individuals like Indian Shaman have been exploited and widened enough that the ignorant and the naive have stumbled in. Natural stimulants used by holly men of ancient cultures to find the knowledge to heal are now a chemical escape route from reality. Natures

keyhole that used to lock away secretes have been pried open by addiction and false hope. Following the leader like oysters following a walrus with a cigar, run around in a caucus race and in a cloud of dependence. The Mushrooms hardly have the same effects as it did on the girl in the blue dress. But then she did not buy them in a plastic bag in the girl’s bathroom. The tea on the table is not 70 proof but in wonderland you don’t need the drugs to be on the insane side. That why they live in wonderland. What the endless forests of wonderland possess are thing that should be known only to the jaberwalkie and the walrus and the carpenter. Once protected by the fermious bandersnach. The possessions are now being persuaded by Tweeldle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Countless false