Algerian Fundamentalists Essay Research Paper Armed Islamic

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Algerian Fundamentalists Essay, Research Paper Armed Islamic Group, Groupe Islamic Armee, Armed Islamig Group, El-Djam’s El-islamia El Mosalaha, or GIA mean the same thing for Algerians. They all strike fear within the hearts of Algerians in almost all walks of life. Their actions are described as having “no distinction given to who they kill. They kill women, children, babies in the most horrible way.” However, the GIA justifies their actions by saying “it is clear that there are no indiscriminate killings. Our fighters only kill those who deserve to die.” They are a group that has brought the entire world to a state of disbelief. The horror these people create is beyond comprehension for the average man. The GIA is an anti-government, anti-intellectual,

anti-secularist, and anti-west policy terrorist group in Algeria. Their fatwa, or mission statement, says “The leaders of Algeria are all nowadays infidels, with no exceptions. Their minister, officers, aides, and everybody that followed their path, worked for them, accepted or did not react to their acts, falls also with them under the same category. They are all infidels and getting rid of them is a glory to Islam and Muslims.” They target those who do not pray, who drink alcohol, take drugs, homosexuals, immodest or debauched women, Jews, Christians, and infidels from Algeria. However, they declare their mission as a Holy War which won’t end until the current Algerian Government is diminished and an Islamic government has control of the nation. The GIA is estimated to

have 20,000-25,000 fighters currently. However, the number of support networks and groups that provide basic necessities from arms and ammunition to logistic, supporters, and sympathizers is unknown. Members tend to be normal, Islamic Algerians. Many of them have received their military training in Afghanistan, and many are unemployed, young men from the poor quarters of Northern Algerian cities. The GIA formed in December of 1992 when the municipal and legislative elections were canceled in Algeria. Since then, they have killed more than 75,000 people including women, babies, mentally retarded people, and elderly. In August of 1994, GIA murdered five French embassy employees, and in December of 1994 the GIA was charged with the hijacking of an Air France airplane out of Algiers,

Algeria. In August of 1996, 68 bus passengers were brutally massacred at a fake checkpoint established by the GIA. The militants asked to see passports and with rifles, daggers, and axes, they slain anyone from the village of Batna. Another 17 were killed days later in the exact same manner only miles away. It is also estimated that almost 1,000 Algerian schools have been burnt down at the hands of the GIA, and over 200 teacher have been murdered by the group. However, their most infamous act occurred in April of 1996 when seven Trappist monks were brutally killed by the GIA. This single act disgusted even supporters of the GIA along with society. In the past three years, the GIA’s actions have peaked to their most extreme attacks and then slowed down to almost a halt. 1996

marked the beginning of the GIA’s most bizarre and horrifying acts which continued through 1997. In August of 1997, 511 civilians were killed in the village of Sidi Rais, and of those 511, 49 were under the age of two. In September of 1997, 115 died in an Algiers neighborhood, and in October of 1997, 214 died in Benthala which is only 2 miles from Sidi Rais. Thirty praying worshipers were violently killed in a village mosque in December of 1997. The GIA used guns and axes and ignored the victims’ pleas for mercy. Witnesses said that those who survived the gunfire were hacked to death or beheaded. However, beginning in 1998, the GIA started to come under control of the government as the Algerian government began cracking down more and more on the terrorists. They are currently