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years. Over 60,000 people have died in this latest conflict. The cause of the war is state and religion, can and how should they be kept separate? [OTN Political Islam p.1] The Islamic states believes in Islamic law with the Quran as its constitution. For awhile it looked like the Islamic Salvation Front had the widest support politically. But recently there has been so much violence that many people have become sick and tired of the whole thing.[OTN Political Islam, p.2] The military authorities have held two elections which have succeeded in bringing back some type of political process. Massive unemployment and a shortage of goods, housing and large scale corruption is hurting the social and economical development of Algeria.[OTN Political Islam p.2] Algeria is dependent on its

oil exports to make its living. Because of the large number of Islamic guerrillas the army is unable to end the war. Even though powerful Islamic leaders who helped start the war have been released from prison an end to the war is not in sight. ArabNet– Algeria Culture, Language. ArabNet–Algeria Overview. www.Arabnet.comBlij, Harm and Gerald Danzer, Roger Hart, and Dorthy Drummond. World Geography, Illinois: Scott, Foresman Co., 1989. OTN’s Political Islam World Guide: Algeria.