Algae And Bacteria In Pools And Hot

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Algae And Bacteria In Pools And Hot Tubs Essay, Research Paper Algae and Bacteria in Pools and Hot Tubs This report is about the effects of bacteria and algae in swimming pools and hot tubs. It will also explain how to control and, problems if you do not control it. And also what problems can occur if too many chemicals are used. To prevent algae their must be a proper chemical balance. You have to have high pH levels with chlorine. If there is a lot of organic materials in the pool or hot tub this can produce mass amounts of algae. Regular brushing is good too do to your pool or hot tub. It will prevent dirt from harboring in the poor’s. If the dirt and other bacterial adds up it can create an algae colony. Also use Potassium Tetraborate. This chemical, when added to the

pool prevents algae from turning in to Carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is the fuel for the growth of algae. Also use Chitin. This does not kill the algae but it does prevent the growth. Along with this it also has the ability to remove other bacteria from the waters. In the cleaning process of hot tubs and swimming pools there are many other chemical’s used. These are just some of the most effective. The first noticeable problems when not controlling algae and bacteria are when the costs go up to get rid of the algae. This is why it is so important to use preventive chemicals. You will notice that the watercolor will be clouded. This is bad if someone is in trouble in the water because it is very hard to see under the water. The surfaces will also turn a lite blue or green. The

effects that the cleaners can have on people if overdosed are not good. If too many chemicals come in touch with human skin such as chlorine it can cause a mild frostbite. The human body experience of this will feel numbness, prickling, and itching of the area. Many of these cleaning chemicals are serious eye irritants. There is also some reasoning behind a three that chlorine can cause cancer. This theory is not yet proven by any doctor or scientist. In conclusion it is good to take care of your pool and hot tub. You must put in the exact dosage. If you do not use enough chemicals you run the risk of bacteria. If there is and over dosage this can cause bad effects on the human body.