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are first drawn to the dark black area in the middle. This black area in the middle entails a man and his horse. The horse is in the front of two other horses that seem to be pulling a trolley of some sort. The horses are standing in a trail of black bud on the ground, which is surrounded by white snow. And when you look past the man with his trolley and horse you can see a building standing tall in the background. This gray building had an arched shape in the front which seem to match the same arches shape of that on the top of the trolley. The window sills on the building have white snow which ties it together with the white snow that is on the ground near the horses. Just like I had said before each shape and shade has a reason for it?s being, and that is to make this picture

brilliant to the eye. A building in New York having the name of Flat-iron building because of its shape, was a symbol of a new, modern America. People either loved it or hated it. With the shape of the tree and the ground being completely submerged in snow, with evening light, the building is an element of beauty in a photograph of soft tones and simple shapes. This picture was soon to be known as a symbol of power and culture. This photo having a certain softness to it, gives it a sense of being filtered. When looking directly at the picture you are first faced with a close up of a tree which seems to be so much darker and superior to the images behind it. The building and the tree?s form silhouettes overlapping one another. On the trees lies white snow giving the trees a soft

look along with the building. The Flat Iron Building is being shadowed on the left hand side by the lack of light. Being able to see the windows slightly because of their darker color they seem to have, seems to tie the shades in the photograph all together. In the very far back on the bottom you are able to see a row of benches that seem to surrounding an area of the park, which are completely immersed in snow. Allowing only a tad bit of their own color to be see. The filtering image of the photograph so much more appealing got be looked at. All three of the photograph all have the one thing in common and that is that they where are taken by a brilliant photographer by the name of Stieglitz. He really has created some really remarkable photographs that have been left here for us

to marvel over. The shapes, the shades, contrasting of object is all what make his work absolutely brilliant. Bibliography Lynes, Barbera Buhler, O?Keeffe, Stieglitz and the Critics, 1916-1929. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press,1989 Thomas, F. Richard, Literary Admirers of Alfred Stieglitz. Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press,1983 Whelan, Richard, Alfred Stieglitz, A Biography. Canada: Little, Brown and Company, 1995 RosenBlum, Naomi, A World History of Photography, New York: Abbeville Press, 1984,1989,1997