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America fears the most is (arguably) mediocre . No one wants to grow up, and just struggle. As individuals, we want to live in luxury and comfort; no person in their right mind would want to live on the bare minimum. Although I agree with Tocqueville at this juncture, I highly attest to his concept of proficient aristocracy. Tocqueville detests democracy, or from his work, it can be inferred that his view of democracy is condescending. His affection for aristocracy is evident, but someone skewed. Tocqueville actually makes a point that democracy will tend to give the greatest number of people the greatest number of advantages. This is true, however, if one were to have a primarily aristocratic government rule, the needs outside of this minority would suffer. The same situation

can be assured if a primarily lower class government attained power. Although it may seem unfair to some minorities, the Democratic government that America employs is the only way that our population can sustain itself. Documents such as the Constitution and the division of power ascertain the power to the people, thus eliminating (or attempting to eliminate) unfairness to the minorities. In essence, Tocqueville s negative view of America has shifted over time. What once were cases for weakness and debilitation are now achievements we pride ourselves on. Sure, the French may have the culture to set themselves apart, but in America our hard work and equality (or attempt at it) set us head and shoulders apart from every other nation. Our democracy and our drive to become achievers

make America what it is today.