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Alexendra Gram Bell Essay, Research Paper For my pocketful I chose Alexander Graham Bell. I chose him because he was a crucial inventor in world history. Bell made it possible for us to communicate as easily to our relatives or people around the world. He was born March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He came from a family of speech teachers. So he also developed a keen since of sounds. He could listen to a song once, and then play it on the piano because he could depict the sounds. His mother was nearly deaf, so she used a horn to hear what people where saying. But, Alexander refused to talk into the horn. Instead he would put her hand on his throat so that she could feel the vibrations. Because of his mother’s illness he spent much of his time inventing things to help

deaf people communicate. In fact he worked with Helen Keller, and Anne Sullivan. Alex and his brother worked on inventions on how to produce speech patterns the way animals do. They came up with many inventions, which helped him later in life to invent the telephone. Alexander moved with his family to Ontario, Canada, after his two brothers died from tuberculosis. He also was showing signs of the dreaded disease, so this is why the moved. Once in Ontario he still took an interest in speech, he still kept working on his experiments. He eventually moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he became a speech professor. While in Boston, he met Thomas Watson, whom he became close friends with. Together Watson and Bell worked on developing a multiple telegraph. One day they found out how

to get speech to go through the wire. On this day Alex told Watson about his ideas for the telephone. So they got a patent for the telephone, and began inventing it. On March 10, 1876 Watson and Bell tested the telephone. And on the phone Watson hear Bell say, “come here Watson I need you.” And this was the beginning of the telephone. Bell also worked on other experiment, but he mostly emphasized on developing inventions for the deaf. Items for box: 1. Picture of Scotland- To show where Alex was born. 2. Dog – To show how he used his dog to get the dog to say words. 3. A Graham Cracker- Show what his middle name was. 4. Picture of Ontario- To show where Alex moved to recover from tuberculosis. 5. Picture of Boston- To show where Alex taught and met Watson. 6. Picture of

work area- where Bell and Watson invented the telephone. 7. Picture of Alex- To show what Alexander Graham Bell looked like. 8. A bell- To give his last name. 9. Telephone- To show his invention.