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Alexandre Dumas Fils Essay, Research Paper Defend or Dispute Marguerite Gaultier was said to live her life as a sinner because of the fact she was a kept woman. She had her share of men and was considered a prostitute in her time. Marguerite used men to satisfy her love of money. She had many lovers at one time and received money from all of them. Prudence made this statement to Armand about kept women, “How do you suppose the kept women in Paris could live in the style they do, if they had not three or four lovers at once”(Dumas 119). Armand could not accept this; he wanted Marguerite all to himself. Prudence tried to reason with Armand because she thought he was being foolish. Prudence explained to him her perception of love by saying “Life is pleasant, my dear

fellow; it all depends on the colour of the glass through which one sees it” (121). She is saying, everyone has their own idea of what life should or should not be. However, if you expect everything to be just the way it should be, life will only be full of regrets and wishes. When Armand’s father found out about this love affair between Marguerite and his son he was outraged. He was convinced this would ruin his family name. His daughter was soon to be married into an honorable family, and his family must be no less honorable. He then went to Marguerite and told her, “The future of a child who has done nothing against you, and who has the right of looking forward to a happy future, is in your hands” (233). Marguerite believed she had been converted by the intensity of

her love for Armand (234). Despite her strong love for Armand she understood the importance of harmony and happiness between his family. M. Duval told Marguerite how noble she had become and how God will reward her for her sacrifice (234). Marguerite wrote to Prudence to accept the proposition of the Comte de N. She decided to go back to him and leave Armand for his own sake. She then sealed the letter and had it sent, without telling him what it contained. When M. Duval asked what the letter contained she simply said, “Your son’s welfare” (234). From that moment on all Marguerite could think of is Armand. She debated back and forth on whether or not she made the right decision. Marguerite asked God to give her the strength in which she needed to go on. The narrator states,

“For the woman whose education has not taught her what is right, God almost always opens two ways which lead thither, the ways of sorrow and of love” (24). I believe what he is trying to say is when one is not taught right from wrong God is merciful on their souls. Marguerite lived her life carefree as a child. Her only worry was what man she could receive the most money from for her expensive taste. When she first met Armand she thought of him as just another man who would be her lover today and gone tomorrow. Armand showered her with love and devotion and showed her what love between them could be. Women like Marguerite always believe someday someone will fall in love with them, but never that they will fall in love as well (173). Marguerite fell in love with Armand before

she even realized it. She would have made any sacrifice necessary for Armand to be happy. I believe Marguerite washed away all of her sins and became a true Christian. She did what she knew she had to do out of respect of Armand and M. Duval, and for the sake of their family’s happiness. Marguerite realized that true love is not always pleasant or easy, It is full of difficult decisions and choices. For the sake of Armand and his familys happiness she sacrificed her own. She transformed herself from an introvert to an extrovert for the sake of others. Marguerite will no longer be remembered as a kept woman but as a noble woman who has learned the reality of life.