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battles in India, but two are very impressive. The first one atthe Indus river valley. There, he had to clime the Pir Sar plateau with 30 companions, butrebels saw them and began to roll boulders at him and his companions. All were killed exceptfor him. But three nights later, he and the rest of his army climbed up a rope leading up theside of the plateau, and captured and ransacked the rebels (Ash 96). The last great battle Alexander fought in India was at the Hydaspes river (now theJhelum river). His army sat on one side of the river while the King of India s (Porus) army saton the other side. Eachtime Alexander sent one of his troops into a boat to cross the river,Porus reacted by doing the same. Alexander decided to wear out Porus s army, he broughtwagonloads of food, showing

Porus that he was planning on camping out for awhile.Eventually, Porus stopped reacting to Alexander s men constantly getting in their boats. So inthe dead of the night, Alexander ordered his men to cross the river and take the other army.The Indian army woke up, but with little notice, the battle was pretty even, until Alexander sarmy got a big boost. Alexander had his men scare the 200 elephants that Porus had, theyscared them so much, the elephants trampled the Indian army, Porus eventually surrendered.After that, Alexander began the road home, he had conquered the Persian empire and madesure his fathers killer was put to death (Ash 96). Alexander the Great received his name due to his outstanding militaryaccomplishments. Not only was he a military wonder, but he also was a

kind understandingman. He would have special funerals for his soldiers, and declare that their families need nolonger pay taxes. He visited wounded soldiers and asked them how they were. He also buriedPersian generals and released all those who were forced to fight for the Persians. A militarymarvel, and a humane man, Alexander the Great clearly shows presents himself as one of thegreatest generals off all time, the best Greek general off all time, and set forth a high standardfor the Greek military. ALEXANDERTHEGREAT ANDREW DIETER3/19/97B-BLOCK BIBLIOGRAPHY PAGE Alexander the Great. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia. 1996ed.Ash, Maureen. The World s Great Explorers. Children s Press: Chicago, 1991Green, Robert. Alexander the Great. Franklin Watts: New York, 1996. Wepman, Dennis.

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