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priestess at Delphi. There she toldhim, that the God Apollo could not be approached today. Since Alexander had not the timenor the patience, he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her by the hair to the altar. She toldhim, My son, you are invincible . Alexander was satisfied with this reading and began tomarch towards Persia (Ash 41). Alexander and his men gathered and set out for Persia. They crossed over from what isnow the physical boundary between Asia and Europe, the Dardanelles. They crossed in boats,the king in the lead. Alexander cast his spear towards the Asian shore as an omen, meaninghe would conquer it by force. He marched through Troy and honored Achilles for his victoryin the Trojan War, then he headed toward the Granicus river. There he was met by thePersian army.

Alexander lead the charge, he set his eyes on a Persian leader and ran towardshim. Alexander killed him with his spear, then took a blow to the head; and just when helooked up, a Persian soldier was about to kill him, but Cleitus cut off the soldiers arm, savingAlexander s life. The Persians eventually withdrew, leaving the Greeks with their first victoryagainst the Persians (Ash 42). Alexander marched on, leaving his wounded soldiers at Issus. Darius, who wascommanding the Persians, went to Issus and slaughtered the wounded Greek troops. WhenAlexander heard word of this, he turned his troops around and went after Darius. Alexandersent his lancers to meet the advancing left flank of the Persian force, while he led the cavalrycharge himself. The Persian archers fell under the

charge. The double attack broke the Persian fighting spirit. With that, Darius fled, leaving his army. Without Darius, the army had littlechance of succeeding. Darius left many of his treasures and his whole family behind. Later onAlexander ends up marrying Darius s daughter ( Green 25). Alexander s next mission was to attack the Phoenician coastal cities of Syria. The cityof Sindon welcomed Alexander. But the city of Tyre resisted. Alexander began a siege on thethat lasted 7 months, his army slaughtered thousands, and set forth the saying: welcomeAlexander or die! After that, he sent Parmenion to capture the ancient city of Damascus. He took Damascus and used it s treasure to pay the Greek soldiers and pay for military goods andfood. Meanwhile, Alexander led his troops into

Egypt, where he was welcomed and seen inEgyptian eyes as their liberator and pharaoh. He then went to the end of the Nile river, on theMediterranean end, and found himself a city with grain for his troops, he called this city,Alexandria (Green 28). After leaving Africa, Alexander decided to meet Darius in an open field near thevillage of Gaugamela. There, the two giant armies would have enough room to maneuver. ThePersian army brought about 200,000 infantry and about 40,000 cavalry. Alexander broughtabout 40,000 infantry and 6,000 cavalry. The Persian chariots charged, the Macedonian armyparted, the chariots were hard to maneuver, so that when they rode by the Macedoniansoldiers, they were killed with spears or arrows. Alexander then led a charge against the leftwing of the

Persian army. This allowed the Macedonian army to avoid the stakes in theground meant, to stab the horses. Soon after this, King Darius fled for his life. Alexanderfollowed him, but turned back to help his army fight. The dust on the field was so thick, thatthey did not know that Darius had fled. The Macedonians ended up winning the battle, thereason why, most fingers point to Alexander the Great and his remarkable military strategy (Ash 76). Alexander learned word that Darius was in Ecbatana, the last of the Persian capitals.Alexander and his men headed there, only to find that Darius had been stabbed by a mannamed Bessus. Alexander was both disappointed and pleased with the death of Darius, hisfathers killer had been put to justice, yet it was not Alexander who had served

justice to hisfather; none the less, the war was still going, and he had to move foward (Ash 86). The man who had killed Darius, Bessus, had now proclaimed himself as the King ofPersia. Alexander did not like Bessus for killing Darius, when he knew that punishing Dariuswas one of the main objectives in Alexander conquering Persia. Alexander had to take hismen through the Hindu Kush, which had moutains 11,000+ feet, he lost a lot of men andhorses, but he stayed focused on the goal of engaging Bessus in battle. However, Bessusfound out that Alexander was coming and fled along with his troops, it was the nameAlexander that brought dread into Bessus s mind (Ash 89). Alexander set out on his last mission, the capture of India, the last of the Persianempire. Alexander fought many