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want him to take me to trial and charge me with attempt of murder by food poisoning. Hey! Some people just aren’t as talented in the kitchen as others. Secondly, if I was going to make my mom cook, I would ask her to cook some Spanish food simply because a little cultural diffusion never hurt nobody. That, and because I like Spanish food. Besides, Hamilton is a lawyer; he would eat anything that is home cooked. 11. What exactly did you enjoy or not about this biography? I liked the vocabulary and sentence structure that the author used because it was easy to understand and follow. The content of the biography was also very good. It was deeply detailed and pointed many of Hamilton’s up and downs. 12. Why would you or not recommend it? I would say that it is good material if an

individual is having trouble in understanding what The Federalist papers are and from where they originated. The biography will explain this information in detail right from the backbone. It will talk about it’s purpose and why it came about.