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drinking activities, by seeking therapy for themselves, and by not joining in the alcoholic’s denial of the problem. Because alcoholism is sometimes thought of as a family disease, the involvement of family members can aid the progress of the alcoholic’s recovery. For the approximately 70 percent of alcoholics in the United States who remain married, living with families, and employed, the prognosis with treatment is good. For the fewer than 5 percent who fit the stereotype of the homeless, jobless, skid-row drunk, alcohol worsens the deterioration of family, economic, and social resources. Perhaps a minute percentage of alcoholics can return to moderate drinking. But no one knows how to identify these few out of some 10 million American alcoholics. For the overwhelming

majority, abstinence from alcohol is the one real hope of returning to a normal life. Once drinking has ceased, the alcoholic is free to cope with the psychological, family, social, legal, and medical problems that may be associated with alcoholism. Roberta Caplan Bibliography: American Medical Association, AMA Handbook on Alcoholism (1987); Apthorp, Stephen P., Alcohol and Substance Abuse (1990); Campbell, Drusilla, and Graham, M.S., Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace (1988); Collins, R. Lorraine, et al., eds., Alcohol and the Family (1990); Daley, D.C., and Miller, Judy, A Parent’s Guide to Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (1989); Denzin, N. K., The Recovering Alcoholic (1987); Goedde, H.W. and Agarwal, Dharam P., Alcoholism: Biomedical and Genetic Aspects (1989); Kiianmaa K., et

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