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gene often has feelings of shame, guilt or loneliness, they may also show off, or act tough. To rid these children of their problem, it is often helpful to get them involved in something about which they feel good. It can be a hobby or a sporting event, or even just spending time with the child. It is also important to not push the child, simply letting him/her to grow at their own pace(Children of Alcoholics par.5). Society can always try and solve the worlds problems and sometimes succeed, however, to overcome the disease of alcoholism individuals will have to concern themselves with the future, and think about their children. They are the only solution to this problem. Only through them can the addiction be erased. Whether alcoholism is a gene that runs through the family or

just a hobby taken to far, something must be done. Families across America and children around the world are losing their chances to become something better. Children should concentrate on more important things than how many drinks their father had. If a solution is 6 found, children everywhere will have better lives and parents around the world will have a peace of mind where their childrens drinking habits are concerned.