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Alcohol Is Bad Essay, Research Paper Alcohol and other Drug Education Writing Assignment The most important thing that I have gotten out of participating in the Alcohol 101 CD ROM is that one should be responsible with life. The CD reinforced my thoughts on the lack of respect for life drinking and driving involves, as well as all of the shown predicaments. All of the people that the CD focused on had a lack of respect for one another. They were irresponsible and their situation was predicted by their personality. The CD taught me to be aware of these people and aid in prevention of a dangerous outcome even though I choose not to try and associate myself with persons of similar character. This information impacts me to be more responsible for myself, as well as others, when

alcohol consumption is involved. It has helped me to remember to be mindful of people and aware of my surrounding when at similar activities. The situation I identify with the most is the car wreck at the end of the CD because I hear about similar instances many times a year and have been impacted by one myself. But yet, at the same time I felt that it was very orientated to people unlike myself. Therefore it was a very tedious experience, but I suppose tedious is what I get for my age. I think that alcohol education is present enough and maybe not a good thing. We are a country where alcohol education is present the most, but a country that also has the most alcohol irresponsibility. This country is tense with alcoholism among the youth, and to an extent, it allows an enjoying

vent for revolution amongst authority. My suggestion is: be relaxed, emphasis moderation, after all, nobody wants to die. The students will survive if survival is left in their own hands. The alcohol policy is fine for someone who is an alcoholic. Filter out the responsible kids. If no one is hurt, out of control, or burning, then assume all is well and try not to make anything more complicated for kids who are, obviously, already complicated enough. Bibliography nothing