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Alcohol Essay, Research Paper DEATH PENALTY The Penalty should fit the Crime that is committed, then society would become a safer place to live in. Imagine a man who commits murder, do you think a fifteen jail sentance fits the crime that the man has committed? I believe not, have a problem with throwing a man back into society who obviously has a history of being violent and very likely a man that has committea violent crime such as murder end up as a repeat offender. Almost one in ten death row inmates has been convicted of murder at least once. It’s obvious that some of these inmates had the chance to rehibilitate and think about what they did and why it was wrong, and these repeat offenders still chose to continue to go out and commit a violent crime. Are we suppose to

feel safe in society knowing that any day we could run into one of these convicts and become the victim? There is not enough evidence to prove whether or not capital punishment deters crime, statistics do not show any pattern where is less violent crimes that carry the death penalty. But it is hard to compare states that have the death penalty to states that rarely use it, if all the states implemented the death penalty and uses it consistently with certain crimes it would become easier to compare and get data and crime statistics to see whether or not the fear of the death penalty lowers the numbers of violent crimes. For all the states to implement the death penalty relistically probably won’t happen in our life time, but you would have to set equal standards in each state

for the certain crimes that include the death penalty for consistency. There we’ll still be other doubts, how exspensive capital punishment is? Since none other than we the people would be the ones paying for it with our tax dollars. With all the court cases and appeals the process is slowed severly, unless the courts could somehow limit the number of appeals it could move a lot smoother. Others worry about the innocent being wrongfully accused getting the death penalty but the death penalty would really focus more on repeat offenders of these violent crimes, i see no need for them to recieve third chance. For first time murderers i would keep the death penalty available but i, would denfinately change the fifteen year sentance to twenty years, we don’t understand how

precious life is and i don’t think you can put a long enough sentance on someone that has taken another one’s life in cold blood. The Death Penalty has always been highly controversial topic in America. Opponents of the death penalty argue the one goal of the American Judicial System should be rehibilitation and that it does not deter crime. I am Pro-Death Penalty because i think if used consistantly where a person knows if he or she follows through with a crime such as murder, that they could possibly recieve the death penalty. I think knowing that and having the fear of death flash in front of them, it would deter not all but some people in committing these violent acts. Of course your still going to have your offenders because some of these criminals no matter what are

unable to live in society peacefully, but i don’t know why we have to give them another chance to repeat themselves. I bet if a person who is Anti- Death Penalty had a experience where someone they knew had their live taken by some ex-con that has already been convicted of murder once, they would have a different opinion. Resources: Hugo Adam Bedav: The Death Penalty in America Washington Post, Putting the penalty to the crime, by Jeffrey Smith USA Today, Races and Crimes, B. Douglass