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Alcohol Essay, Research Paper Alcoholism, or alcohol dependence, is a chronic disease, which is common in our world today. In the United States, 1 in every 13 adults is either an abuser of alcohol or an alcoholic. This disease includes a craving from the victim in spite of any problems or consequences, which they may have or have had. Consequences of this disease are often very severe; for example, job problems frequently arise. In addition to serious job dilemmas, victims of this disease often get into mischief with the law, as well as undergo critical health problems. The NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence) thoroughly investigates this serious disease. This council s research has discovered that 17.7 million United States citizens have this horrid

disease known as alcoholism. Also, almost 150 million of these citizens consume alcohol at least occasionally. Alcohol plays a big part in our culture, both in the past and present. It has always been around, counting back to the beginning of time. Alcohol also plays a large social role in our society, especially in the business aspect. When discussing business in the evening, alcohol often accompanies this situation. For instance, business people may discuss deals over dinner where wine, etc is usually consumed. If dinner is not the situation, then it could be as simple as discussing business over ” a drink”. This drink is 9 out of 10 times an alcoholic beverage. This is not necessarily bad, because in moderation alcohol can be a safe pleasure. However, on the flip side,

when this potion is used in surplus, it can destroy. Alcoholism is a serious disease that effects millions of Americans. Therefore, this disease obviously plays a large role in the workplace. The reason for this is because if so many people have this disease, then these people are in the workplace. Alcohol abuse is extremely common and socially accepted, this point places major impact on employers. It is difficult to find the difference between a social drinker and an alcoholic. They only see these workers a fraction of the day; therefore they are not completely knowledgeable to their situation. Alcoholism can hold a serious impact on the workplace. An employer wants his/her employees to be focused, hard working, dedicated, and in good health. If their employees suffer from this

wretched disease then they are certainly not focused on their job. Instead, the victim of this disease in dying inside from their problem and can only brush upon their true duties of employment. The larger the company, the more common this disease is to exist among employees. It is important that employers realize that this problem is serious and should be paid attention to. If a worker is suffering from this addiction, then the employer should address this issue. There are several ways for an employer to help their employees. As time progresses and we become more aware of this problem, the more help there is for people who suffer from alcoholism. In many cases, alcoholic treatment is effective in many cases. An example of employer action taken against alcoholism in the workplace

is “Drugs Don t Work in NJ!” This was formed in 1992 in New Jersey and they have achieved many great accomplishments. Examples of these accomplishments are: a five-part package program for small to mid-sized businesses, they published the results from these businesses, established an unprecedented information network of newsletters, legal updates, etc. to assist businesses, enrolled a large majority of NJ s businesses in this program, and instituted a partnership with the NCADD. This is only one example of an employer s choice to act on alcoholism in their business. This is only active in New Jersey currently; however, it is a good example for the rest of the country to follow. Other options exist for the workplace, such as bringing in speakers, hand out alcohol awareness