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alcohol when experimenting with a drug for the first time. Once the initial defensive shields are let down the student’s morals and limitations quickly deteriorate. This leads to continuous substance abuse thereafter. With friends partaking in the unhealthy acts themselves, guidance away from such behavior is difficult to come by. Students fail to notice the negative effects of the abuse due to their surroundings. As long as grades are maintained and classes are accredited for, students are capable of justifying this wild way of life. The dangers of this behavior are easily overlooked when responsibilities are being met. The undergraduates also possess an excellent front to present to parents when the semester concludes. Thus, parents are in the dark in relation to the actual

events of their child’s life. Students don’t see the correlation between dropping grades and substance abuse. They dismiss lower grades as the result of a difficult class or an impossible professor. A low “C” is suddenly viewed as a high enough grade. The once great ambitions of the students fall to improvisation. College greatly complicates the lives of many young adults. Problems arise as students take on loads of tedious work and thorny new surroundings. However, the hardest test takes place outside the classroom. Changing a series of factors can reduce the complexity of this test. In history, society has repeatedly created itself over again with each generation. This phase of substance abuse could easily be erased with the next wave of students. The students that

abuse alcohol and drugs are intelligent, differential students. Their purity lies within but is overcome by their surroundings. These students possess the necessary principles but lack the confidence to stand on their own. Their righteousness is only temporarily lost and can easily be derived again.